Lost in the Movies: Balloon Land

Balloon Land

A creepy and cool cartoon short from Ub Iwerks in 1935.

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Stephen said...

Very cool. Coincidentally, I've been looking at a lot of animated shorts / features for a countdown / exploration of animated movies. It's been fascinating looking at all the different styles and media that make up animation.

Do you have any suggestions?

My piece should be up shortly.

MovieMan0283 said...

Only the Quay brothers' stop-motion shorts from the 80s and 90s. That's some of my favorite animation of all time.

Stephen said...

OK, thanks. I'll check up on them.

The introduction to my pieces on animation films is up. It's not going to be a countdown as such, more a loose collection of the best I have seen.

James Hansen said...


Also awesome...Out 1's best of the decade list is up. Hope ya come check it out!


(Plug fulfilled).

James Hansen said...

Also...in regard to animation...check out Svankmajer if you haven't seen him. INspiration for the Quays. DIMENSIONS OF DIALOGUE is awwwwesome, and he incorporates stop-motion into his live action narrative-ish features.

MovieMan0283 said...


For whatever reason, Svankmajer does not really appeal to my sensibility. I think it's the repetition - I find his work abrasive whereas the Quays' is enticing. But I've great respect for him and agree that Stephen should check him out as part of the animation series.

Stephen said...

Thanks James for the reminder on Svankmajer.

I will be writing something on one of his films but, like MovieMan, he doesn't really click for me.

My series has started with a little piece on a Japanese animation from 1962.

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