Lost in the Movies: Little Green Men

Little Green Men

A Visual Tribute to the flashback in Fire in the Sky (1993)


The End...


Paul J. Marasa said...

You remind us why "Fire in the Sky" has a kind of greatness--creepy and it lumbers around a bit, but memorable.

Joel Bocko said...

First off, I encourage any readers lurking here to check out Paul's awesome blog - a diaristic approach to film history which has stretched from the 1870s to the 1970s and is still chugging along. Each entry is short & sweet but insightful, and the concept provides a great hook.

As for your comment here, thanks, Paul - I forgot to include a link to my earlier capsule: http://thedancingimage.blogspot.com/2008/12/quick-one-fire-in-sky.html

One thing that surprised me about the movie, and that I liked when I finally saw it, was how much is devoted to the loggers trying to explain and resolve their friends' disappearance - the spaceship flashback not occuring till the last 20 minutes. But what a last 20 minutes! I also found that the aliens, while working in motion and the shot/editing structure of the sequence, didn't quite read in still images so I reduced their presence to glimpses, turned backs, and shadowed or covered appearances in this visual tribute.

Joel Bocko said...

Here's the link to Paul's site btw:

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