Lost in the Movies: Good Grief and Merry Christmas

Good Grief and Merry Christmas

A Visual Tribute to A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

Part 3 of 3 visual tributes - Merry Christmas!


Troy Olson said...

Great set of images here, especially that iconic last shot. It's one of my favorite moments of every Christmas when I sit down to watch this film. And for anyone who disagrees, I'll give you "five good reasons" why you should like it :)

Joel Bocko said...

Nice one, Troy. ;) Merry Christmas!

Stephen said...

This is great, MovieMan.

I'll only sought it out when I was beginning to do work for the Countdown, and it made my nearlies. Really nice and evocative - both the film and your tribute.

Merry Christmas!

Joel Bocko said...

Thanks, Stephen - you as well.

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