Lost in the Movies: The Hangman Puzzle

The Hangman Puzzle

A visual tribute to Death by Hanging (1968)
This film will kick off a renewed Favorites series next Wednesday - you can watch the whole movie here!


Mike said...

Looks cool! This film is going have to wait though, because the Criterion collection announced all of their films are going to be available for free on Hulu this weekend. So I'm going to go on a viewing marathon tomorrow. Where do I even start lol...

Oh, and I saw your conversation with Jonathan Rossenbaum on Twitter.... :)

Joel Bocko said...

Yeah, I'm going to have to make room for some viewing. Monday I don't work until the evening, and though there's other stuff I need to take care of maybe I should do the irresponsible thing and have a President's Day marathon? I could even live-tweet the screen-caps! ;)

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