Lost in the Movies: Why you should follow me on Twitter (#WatchlistScreenCaps)

Why you should follow me on Twitter (#WatchlistScreenCaps)

As some of you may know (a dozen of you, to be exact), I've taken to Twitter in the past week. So far I've mixed some retweets, original musings, and responses to other tweets with the usual linking of new pieces on my blog. I've also just added a sidebar to the blog where you can see my new tweets as they arrive.*

And why should you care? Well, here's why: I've just come up with a fun new feature, Twitter-exclusive, simple but hopefully enjoyable: #WatchlistScreenCaps. Every time I watch a DVD, I will take an interesting screen-cap and link it up on Twitter. No title, just a link to an arresting image from the film in question, and maybe some brief thoughts on said film. Respond with your own thoughts, if you are so inclined!

May even be fun guessing the movie, since it will not always be obvious - this will be a bit of a game at times as well (like the long-departed "Guess the Pic" feature on Wonders in the Dark, or Filmbrain's equally defunct screen-cap contests, except with no prize). I'll be happy to reveal the title, but only if anyone cares enough to ask, so there's incentive for ya. That said, the first one will not be very tricky.

Should be fun. See you there. And follow me here. I'm thinking a baker's dozen might be nice...

And no, the picture up top is not my first entry in the feature (you'll have to click the above link for that). It's just a bunch of blue birds, which seemed appropriate for a post on Twitter. Although bonus points if you can identify the film it comes from as well.

*Cannot, for the life of me, get a Twitter feed to show up on the sidebar. Cut and pasted the widget embed code from the Twitter website, where it previews fine, but here all I get is "Follow @LostInTheMovies". No feed of recent tweets. Anyone with advice on the subject, please please comment below. Argh.


Mike said...

Consider yourself followed. Twitter is fun; I probably like it more than Facebook, although I don’t follow really any of my classmates. Maybe one day, but for now it’s just rappers, critics, bloggers, and other stuff.

Oh, and Jonathan Rossenbaum has a twitter? Why am I just finding this out now?!?

Joel Bocko said...

Thanks for the hat tip - just added him! Yeah, the wild mix of voices makes for an interesting experience.

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