Lost in the Movies: Lost in the Movies status update, March 2013

Lost in the Movies status update, March 2013

My work on this blog is obviously affected by other circumstances, and unfortunately at the moment I have a lot of distractions and other priorities. I had promised regular appearances of the Favorites series every Wednesday, but instead they will have to appear sporadically, not on any regular schedule. Likewise with the occasional reviews, some of which I have begun and not completed.

At the present moment, which could mean a few weeks or months or a year or more, the blog will primarily serve as a viewing/reading/listening log. I am tweeting pictures of book covers, album covers, or screen-caps from DVDs/streaming videos I have completed. Whenever I reach ten titles in each category, I'll put up a post here (as I've been doing for the screen-caps). While I also want to occasionally write and create fresh content, with everything going on I won't be able to do much there. So then, simply keeping an attractive visual log of my film, book, and music explorations is probably the best I can do to maintain appearances and interest in this site for the time being.

That said, I do expect other entries from time to time. I started a review of Zero Dark Thirty and never finished it, but may finish it yet. Next up in the Favorites is All the President's Men, and the template and picture are set to go, I just need to write something. I have other ideas which, during quiet and/or inspired moments, I may explore.

Meanwhile, an older video piece, the work I consider my best from 650+ posts and five years of blogging, has been invited to appear on the website PressPlay, an invitation that will be accepted in the next few weeks, accompanied by an interview with me. I will certainly link up to that when it occurs.

Most importantly, if circumstances allow (and that depends how the next few weeks go, among other things) I would like to create more video essays. I have ideas, and hopefully will have means as well. This not only something I enjoy, it's good practice for filmmaking which has always been and remains my biggest goal, and the most difficult to attain.

(side note: Though I haven't linked to it in a while, in part because after devoting so much attention I got kind of sick of it, my short film is still there for you to watch: Class of 2002, a fictional photo-memoir which, warts and all, is the only thing I can point to with any pride since my move to California a year ago. That's something.)

Over the years, I've made announcements, gone back on some of them, fulfilled others, renounced all future announcements, and then announced new ones. I've ended the blog and returned, almost lost everything in a technical glitch, made major changes and branched out in new directions. I know enough at this point just to say that some things will change and others remain the same without prescriptions, prophecies, or pronouncements. As an extension of what I said before, this site is the only solid accomplishment I can claim from the past five years. Which may be embarrassing to admit but hell, who am I trying to impress right now...

I hope you continue to enjoy my work, as I have enjoyed creating it.


Doug's Blog said...

You have a lot of terrific content and commentary on your blogs Joel. I always learn a lot more about films from your work, even with movies I think I know well. I look forward to any new blogs from whatever films interest you.

Joel Bocko said...

Thanks Doug - I look forward to providing more fodder for that!

Mike said...

I second what Doug said. You've got a fine blog here Joel and the time and effort you put into it definitely shows. Real life for me has been quite hectic the past week or so and I have not had time to check out Death By Hanging. I will get around to it eventually though ( and I have seen the next film on your list so I'll be able to comment on that then)

Joel Bocko said...

Thanks Mike. Hopefully I get to the next Favorite in the next few days.

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