Lost in the Movies: Souvenirs from The Story of Film

Souvenirs from The Story of Film

These screen-caps originally appeared as tweets, highlighting favorite moments from each episode.

1 • little girl attaching leaves to tree in Alice Guy's short.

2 • Buster Keaton stops and starts a choo-choo train.

3 • Lubitsch makes the snowmen dance.

 4 • three heroines grapple with escapism in Hollywood classics.

5 • Ford calls 'Cut!' when questions get too damn arty.

6 • the spirit takes hold in 100-yr-old Indian 'mythological'.

7 • right-wing anarchism & the greatest movie terrorist.

8 • the Hand that giveth, taketh away.

9 • Tashlin's possum smiles - or frowns - for the camera.

10 • "And then you open your eyes, and you have a story."

11 • the film starts like a fairy tale... 

12 • reaching across space in Scotland

13 • End of cinema, or: Video killed the celluloid strip.

14 • modernism & postmodernism in the movies

15 • Cinephilia 451: carrying movie memories in our hearts, heads & hands

the end?

Four months after this round-up, I completed a massive visual directory to "The Story of Film", featuring screen-caps of every single film included in the series.

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