Lost in the Movies: #WatchlistScreenCaps, 8/9 (Ub Iwerks Comicolor edition)

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 8/9 (Ub Iwerks Comicolor edition)

Here are the last ten films I watched (all of which happen to be animated shorts produced by Ub Iwerks), with a screen-captured image and quick sentence on the subject. Follow this feature on Twitter here, read about the kickoff here, and see all past #WatchlistScreenCaps here. Links below are to my post on the film in question.

P.S. just noticed this morning that this is my 700th post

The worm turns
Tom Thumb  (1936), prod. Ub Iwerks

Our Gang takes Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for a ride
Happy Days (1936), prod. Ub Iwerks

The old biddy boogies with a little lamb
Mary's Little Lamb (1935), prod. Ub Iwerks

Soaring over the circus grounds
Simple Simon (1935), prod. Ub Iwerks

Mr. Groundhog, scared of his own shadow
Summertime (1935), prod. Ub Iwerks

"Open Sesame." "Says-a-who?" "Says-a-me!"
Ali Baba (1936), prod. Ub Iwerks

Pin Cushion Man wreaks havoc on Balloon Land
Balloon Land (1935), prod. Ub Iwerks

Sheep in wolf's clothing
The Big Bad Wolf (1936), prod. Ub Iwerks

Sinbad the Slugger
Sinbad the Sailor (1935), prod. Ub Iwerks

Assaulting the lunar taste buds
The Brementown Musicians (1935), prod. Ub Iwerks

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