Lost in the Movies: A Gallery of Movie Moments: Images from every film I've watched since February (344 #WatchlistScreenCaps)

A Gallery of Movie Moments: Images from every film I've watched since February (344 #WatchlistScreenCaps)

Hundreds of images from my visual viewing diary

As anyone paying attention to this blog knows, the majority of my posts in 2013 have been #WatchlistScreenCaps round-ups. In these I track the past ten films I've seen via screen-captured frames from the film in question, accompanied by a little epitaph (occasionally a judgement, more often a description or observation), basic info on the title, and the date I watched it.

Some of you may have noticed that for several weeks I've been updating one big page containing every single one of these images - and now I'd like to formally announce its existence and invite you to explore. There you'll find cartoons and live-action, narrative and documentary, feature and short, color and black-and-white, theatrical releases and TV miniseries, even YouTube videos less than a minute long.

#WatchlistScreenCaps has been a fun way to keep a viewing diary and maintain interest (my own and my readers') in my blog at a time when I'm unable to take on more ambitious ventures like video essays or even simple movie reviews (though I hope to rectify that soon).

It can also be a good way to start conversation on a given film, so feel free to comment here on anything I've seen that you have too. Better yet, it can encourage you to check some of these out yourself (at least the worthwhile ones!); in a visual medium, a taste of what the film looks like can indeed be worth a thousand words as incentive. If you need words too (or video clips for that matter), you can click on the linked titles which lead to other pieces on these films from Lost in the Movies.

Here is the picture gallery for my #WatchlistScreenCaps. It will be updated every time I see another movie:

The round-ups will continue as well, of course, every time I've reached ten films. By the way, if any bloggers out there like this feature, I encourage you to imitate it on your own blogs as well (unless you've already been doing it on your own, that is - in which case, let me know!). I would love to follow your own visual viewing logs too.

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