Lost in the Movies: Filmmaker documentary marathon, 11/9

Filmmaker documentary marathon, 11/9

On November 9 I held a viewing marathon in which I watched documentaries about filmmakers. Here they are, with a screen-captured image and personal epigram. Visit my #WatchlistScreenCaps archive for more arresting images.

The bedridden auteur counts his blessings
Becoming John Ford (2007), dir. Nick Redman

Mizoguchi's favored urine bottle (he didn't want to miss a moment on set)
Kenji Mizoguchi: The Life of a Film Director (1972), dir. Kaneto Shindo

The daughter of Joan of Arc
Carl Th. Dreyer (1995), dir. Torben Skjodt Jensen

Bergman can't help smiling as table turns & filmmaker presses critic on his own process
Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie (1963), dir. Vilgot Sjoman

Recalling the times good and bad as his life draws to a close
Bergman Island (2004), dir. Marie Nyrerod

Explaining how Anais Nin provided free publicity for his movie
Henry Jaglom Finds A Safe Place (2009), prod. Criterion Collection

Jack Nicholson recollects Keith Richards' child disrupting the Cannes screening
A Cautionary Tale of Campus Revolution and Sexual Freedom (2009), prod. Criterion Collection

The children of Mao and Coca-Cola
Godard in America (1970), dir. Ralph Tranhauser

As soon as he slips into French and filmmaking, he sounds more authoritative
Two American Audiences (1968), dir. Richard Leacock, D.A. Pennebaker

Pushing himself over the edge
On the Cusp (2009), prod. Issa Clubb

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