Lost in the Movies: The Final #WatchlistScreenCap (& some notes on my year of screen-capping)

The Final #WatchlistScreenCap (& some notes on my year of screen-capping)

A 19th-century train pulls in to my phone - where will it go next?
viewed February 12, 2014
L'arrivee d'un train en gare de la Ciotat (1896), dir. Louis & Auguste Lumiere

And that's it for #WatchlistScreenCaps. Believe it or not, I rambled for three paragraphs about the limitations and advantages of this visual viewing diary approach before I caught myself. One of the impulses behind this yearlong endeavor (which began here) was to let images speak louder than words. So be it. I'll have a more formal post in the near future, including links to pages that break down my viewing diary into various categories (feature, short, documentary, animation, etc.) which should offer easier/more useful perusal for the curious. But for now, if you're hungry for images you can explore the chaotic yet, I think, somewhat charming viewing diary page which simply records my year of watching (features, shorts, music videos, miniseries, even YouTube clips) in the order I watched them - from the bottom up. I was going to offer explanations (or excuses) for the focus - or lack thereof - in the year's viewing, but if you have any questions feel free to ask below.

And oh, I've heard a few people suggest they might like to take this approach as well. Please do (or share, if you already have, now or in the past - I'm sure I'm not the first). While I'm relieved to be done with the compulsive aspects, I'll miss that sense of a single frame crystallizing or, conversely, allusively suggesting the full filmic experience. Humor me.

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