Lost in the Movies: Back to the Future: Welcome to Hill Valley (video)

Back to the Future: Welcome to Hill Valley (video)

update 10/20: The video is up!

Depending when Marty visits Hill Valley it might be a frontier town, an idyllic 1950s neighborhood, a sleek 21st-century metropolis, or a dystopian alternate-universe hellhole. This video allows Hill Valley to inhabit all those modes at once, with four screens simultaneously depicting past (distant and recent), present, and future. Or is that the future? The day that Marty visited in Back to the Future Part II was October 21, 2015, so from today's standpoint we can compare not just the three or four time periods on display but the fiction onscreen with the fact offscreen. "Welcome to Hill Valley" explores the ways that fashion, architecture, and behavior have changed, as well as the ways they have stayed the same. As Biff Tanner says, "There's something very familiar about all of this..." (created for Fandor Keyframe)

uploaded to YouTube 2017:

original post:
Two days from now, it will be October 21, 2015, the day that Marty McFly arrived "in the future." (Yeah I know, you've been seeing that internet meme for years - but this time it's true, I swear!) To honor that date, I've created a video tribute which will be going up on Fandor this week. As soon as it is available I will post the link here. While you're waiting, check out two new videos I've shared on YouTube. One is (finally) the "Symphony of the Devils" montage promised two weeks ago. The other is 5 from Fandor, promoting my work for that site by showing the YouTube audience what I've been up to since May.

UPDATE: This Fandor preview video was posted on YouTube a few days earlier but was not actually embedded into this post/shared on this site until 2018...

5 FROM FANDOR - Clips from all my Fandor video essays up to this point:

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