Lost in the Movies: Patreon update #16: Twin Peaks season 1 & The Piano (+ Lynch/Frost/Cooper & more) and preview of Red character study

Patreon update #16: Twin Peaks season 1 & The Piano (+ Lynch/Frost/Cooper & more) and preview of Red character study

The Return rewatch "prologue" continues this week as I survey the seven episodes that followed the pilot in Twin Peaks' first season. I particularly focus on three fairly representative episodes (the first, fourth, and sixth after the pilot) as well as some of the commentary that was being written at the time. I also draw from the early nineties to discuss The Piano, a film whose release, buzz, and awards season cache I remember well, although I was far too young to see it at the time. I only caught up with it nearly a decade ago. This is my first viewing since then, and I was struck both the beauty of the film (especially after watching Campion's atmospheric mystery series Top of the Lake, which I'm surprised didn't come up in my review here) and also some of the troubling aspects of the romantic storyline, which at the time was simply hyped up as "passion in a New World."

In the rest of the episode, I offer a pretty quick segment on the question of how the radical left fares under Democratic administrations (there will be a longer stretch of "Twitter topics" in the next episode), a more extended listener feedback section delving into Lynch's and Frost's influences on the character of Cooper, and finally an archive segment highlighting my first video essay - still one of my favorites.

Elsewhere on Patreon, I provided another sample from my "30 runners-up from season 3" series, in this case a character most of us expected would rank much more highly, but who made a strong impression nonetheless.

Line-up for Episode 16


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OTHER TOPICS: The Left under Democratic administrations

LISTENER FEEDBACK: Lynch/Frost different takes on Cooper

OPENING THE ARCHIVE: "Talking to Twitter & Embracing the Image" (February - July 2013), this week's highlight: "directed by Brian De Palma" video essay & Kevin B. Lee's interview w/ me for Press Play

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