Lost in the Movies: Patreon update #26: "Gotta light? HOLY SMOKE!" - guests Em & Steve of No Ship Network/Sparkwood & 21 discuss Twin Peaks season 3 rewatch - Part 8 & the final film in focus...for now (+ Too Many Cooks, podcast recommendations, my Return viewing diary & much more)

Patreon update #26: "Gotta light? HOLY SMOKE!" - guests Em & Steve of No Ship Network/Sparkwood & 21 discuss Twin Peaks season 3 rewatch - Part 8 & the final film in focus...for now (+ Too Many Cooks, podcast recommendations, my Return viewing diary & much more)

Believe it or not, I didn't realize the perfect pairing of "Gotta light?" and Holy Smoke! until I put those two images together. It's one of those serendipitous accidents that we discuss in the episode itself. This is a big entry - by far my longest (two and half hours), covering the most celebrated episode of The Return alongside my final patron-recommended film in focus (Jane Campion's 1999 film starring Kate Winslet as a cult member and Harvey Keitel as her cocky deprogrammer), and featuring my first double guests, here to discuss not just a movie but a Twin Peaks episode. This will also be the third time I've publicly shared an episode or part of an episode on YouTube - in this case, I'm uploading eighteen minutes of our Part 8 discussion, focusing on the New Mexico sequences of the atomic bomb blast and the Woodsmen-led invasion of a small town eleven years later. If you enjoy this conversation, I encourage you not only to subscribe to my own Patreon but that of No Ship Network, where you can support the fantastic and prolific work of this week's guests Em and Steve (who host the Sparkwood & 21 podcast on Twin Peaks, among many other ventures).

I'm also using the occasion to change how I publish my Patreon updates on this site; from now on, I will be cross-posting new podcast episodes an hour after they go up each Monday instead of waiting until the end of the week. My original reasons for updating on Saturdays became irrelevant long ago, and I was already planning to switch to Mondays in time for the site's tenth anniversary in three weeks (which I will celebrate with a special podcast episode marking a one-week break from the Return rewatch). After that, I'll probably stick to this schedule at least through the end of the rewatch, maybe until I have a public series/backlog of pieces to go up on those days for the foreseeable future. This spring has been pretty nonstop, so I imagine it will take a while to get to the point where I have a backlog again, but meanwhile the podcasts will remain steady throughout the year.

As for this week, there's a biweekly preview coming out Wednesday but I'll save that for the next update. There's already plenty to dive into with this podcast alone: aside from the Peaks episode and Campion film (one of Em's favorites, which I was seeing for the first time based on her tip), I loaded up an "other topics" section with recent non-site-related activities: YouTube videos I watched - including, finally, the viral 2014 sensation Too Many Cooks; a couple political articles I read; rock albums I listened to; a dash of Twitter drama; and, of course, a whole lot of podcast recomendations. After some brief listener feedback on Dougie's unusual arm gesture, "Opening the Archive" explores the recent past, recapping my summer of Twin Peaks: The Return that we're now reliving with my rewatch series. These first reactions were a lot of fun to write, and hopefully still helpful to read, but my highlight ended up being a more comprehensive piece I wrote after the third season ended, in which I covered all three seasons at length. And of course, the show notes provide a bevy of links to accompany and extend these discussions.

Drink full and descend...


WEEKLY UPDATE/recent posts: X-Files series, Danish comments on The Kingdom

WEEKLY UPDATE/Patreon: 2nd tier biweekly preview - Laura Palmer character study structure Pt. II

WEEKLY UPDATE/work in progress: discussing Parts 5-8 w/ 25 Years Later, Lucy's rank rises in the character series, planning multi-format Medium Cool series

TWIN PEAKS REFLECTIONS Return Rewatch Pt. 8 w/ guests Em & Steve of No Ship Network
The feel & structure of the episode
Trinity test site in New Mexico desert
Small town near White Sands, New Mexico
Twin Peaks - Roadhouse
Mr. C
Spirit World - Convenience Store/Purple World Tower
Character introductions & re-introductions/screentime rankings/timeline of events
Aside on the girl & the frogbug
Coffee, pie, and donuts
Lodge lore
Laura Palmer

FILM IN FOCUS: Holy Smoke! w/ guests Em & Steve of No Ship Network

OTHER TOPICS: YouTube videos including Too Many Cooks and Crispin Glover on Letterman, a couple political articles, Twitter arguments with progressives, Catholic Boy and other albums, podcast recommendations

LISTENER FEEDBACK: Dougie's gesture in Pt. 4 & 6

OPENING THE ARCHIVE: "Living in the Return" (May - December 2017), this week's highlight: TV Countdown - Twin Peaks

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