Lost in the Movies: Patreon update #37: FREE Public 10th Anniversary Videos and preview of Get Out review

Patreon update #37: FREE Public 10th Anniversary Videos and preview of Get Out review

This was supposed to be my week "off" but I thought it would be nice to mark the time by opening up an old podcast episode to the public as a video - in this case, the tenth anniversary episode from July. (You can read more about the episode, including the full line-up/timecodes, here.) I would just add a few illustrations to accompany the audio track. Easy, right? Well...

For those who just want to watch/listen to the part about my plans for the Journey Through Twin Peaks series, I've isolated that here. It's the only part I've shared on YouTube for now (I may add more later):

The big video ended up taking a very long time, split over many days. There are hundreds of illustrations, including clips of video essays timed to match the audio I already sampled. This video itself is much more like a slide show than a video essay so I'm not sure the best way to "watch"/listen to it...maybe just jump around to random spots based on interest and/or have it playing on a screen while you're doing other stuff so you can check in at any given point to see what I'm showing? Or if you have the time/patience/inclination, of course, feel free to watch the whole thing...the visuals do change every minute or so, in some cases - when I'm illustrating a list - every second.

If you aren't too tempted by a full hour and a half episode of looking back on (and forward to) my work, but are curious about a few topics, here are a couple more isolated sections as well. (These will be updated as they're uploaded on Saturday and Sunday.)

Counting down my Twin Peaks pieces

12 Video Essays from Lost in the Movies

Unfortunately, a few days ago YouTube removed one of my previous public episodes (on the Twin Peaks pilot and Eyes Wide Shut) for "violating community standards" with no explanation of why or how they determined this, creating a strike on my account. I've appealed that decision and we'll see what happens. (Update: It was quickly restored.) I may stick more to Vimeo for uploading future public episodes which is unfortunate since YouTube reaches a wider audience, but I want to preserve that space for eventual video essays.

Finally here's what I wrote/shared for patrons this week, including a sample from one of my first essays in the "Unseen" series...

Cross-posting videos (1 / 2 / 3 / 4)

From now on, I'll probably go back to posting Patreon updates on Saturdays since the Return rewatch is over. I've received a lot of listener feedback, so the next episode will probably be pretty heavy on that, while the following one will discuss various films, TV programs, books, music, podcasts, and online conversations I've been partaking in. And both episodes will contain "Opening the Archive" sections on my End of Evangelion essay from 2015 alongside thoughts on Twin Peaks and general updates. The episodes will be lighter for a month or two as I hopefully do a lot of work behind the scenes.

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