Lost in the Movies: TWIN PEAKS First Time Viewer Companion: episode directory

TWIN PEAKS First Time Viewer Companion: episode directory


This series serves as a friendly companion for first-time viewers of Twin Peaks, meaning they can read about each episode directly after watching - to consider interesting questions, perhaps learn a bit of context, and hear a different and/or complementary perspective - without worrying about spoiling upcoming episodes. This series is not a formal guide that meticulously breaks down the plot and character relationships; it's a far more casual, spontaneous form of reflection, sometimes as short as a paragraph, sometimes as long as several pages, sometimes descriptive of several events, sometimes ignoring the narrative altogether to discuss style or mood.

These entries were originally written as comments on a Reddit rewatch in the summer before the third season was released. They cover each episode of seasons one and two, the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, the deleted scenes from the film, and a few other topics (preparing yourself to see the film, my interpretation of the film's ending, and the overall structure of the series). Although there's some controversy over how episodes should be titled, since most people now watch the series via Netflix or other streaming formats, I used that model, citing the pilot as "S1E1" and employing the unofficial titles, chosen by a German TV station in the early nineties, which have somehow become permanently affixed.

After each entry, I share links to my other work on that given episode (noting when they do and don't contain spoilers), including chapters of my popular video series Journey Through Twin Peaks, as well as my 2008 episode guide, my 2015 ranking of episodes, and other comments, essays, or visual tributes when applicable. I have probably one of the largest personal archives of online Twin Peaks analysis, so if you've just stumbled across this site as a first-time viewer, you've come to the right place! And hopefully these short entries are a good starting point on your journey.

(Oh and also, although they weren't published as entries in the first time viewer companion and are generally much longer than these other reviews, my viewing diary for Twin Peaks' third season is also included in this directory since each entry was written without spoilers for the next. In fact, in that case I too was a first-time viewer.)

TWIN PEAKS First Time Viewer Companion

S2E2 "Coma"

S2E3 "The Man Behind Glass"

S2E4 "Laura's Secret Diary"

S2E5 "The Orchid's Curse"

S2E6 "Demons"

S2E7 "Lonely Souls"

S2E8 "Drive With a Dead Girl"

S2E9 "Arbitrary Law"

S2E10 "Dispute Between Brothers"

S2E11 "Masked Ball"

S2E12 "The Black Widow"

S2E13 "Checkmate"

S2E14 "Double Play"

S2E15 "Slaves and Masters"

S2E16 "The Condemned Woman"

S2E17 "Wounds and Scars"

S2E18 "On the Wings of Love"

S2E19 "Variations on Relations"

S2E20 "The Path to the Black Lodge"

S2E21 "Miss Twin Peaks"

S2E22 "Beyond Life and Death"

Preparing for Fire Walk With Me

Fire Walk With Me

The ending of Fire Walk With Me

The Missing Pieces

The structure of the original Twin Peaks

Parts 1 & 2 - "My log has a message for you."/"The stars turn and a time presents itself."

Part 3 - "Call for help."

Part 4 - "...brings back some memories."

Part 5 - "Case files."

Part 6 - "Don't die."

Part 7 - "There's a body all right."

Part 8 - "Gotta light?"

Part 9 - "This is the chair."

Part 10 - "Laura is the one."

Part 11 - "There's fire where you are going."

Part 12 - "Let's rock."

Part 13 - "What story is that, Charlie?"

Part 14 - "We are like the dreamer."

Part 15 - "There's some fear in letting go."

Part 16 - "No knock, no doorbell."

Parts 17 & 18 - "The past dictates the future."/“What’s your name?”

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