Lost in the Movies: TWIN PEAKS First Time Viewer Companion: S2E6 "Demons"

TWIN PEAKS First Time Viewer Companion: S2E6 "Demons"

These short Twin Peaks episode responses are spoiler-free for upcoming episodes, presented here for first-time viewers who want to read a veteran viewer's perspective on each entry while remaining in the dark about what's to come. They were first published as comments on a Reddit rewatch in 2016.

This has often been either my favorite or second-favorite non-Lynch-directed episode of the series (I was going to write "non-Lynch" but THAT ISN'T QUITE TRUE!), thanks to the introduction of Gordon Cole, some great Leland/Ben scenes, the fantastically creepy/tense reunion of Ben and Audrey, and a surprisingly effective farewell from Maddy (despite the shamelessly syrupy approach and James' ridiculous dialogue, I find the scene appealing mostly due to Sheryl Lee I guess). While I'm not a big fan of Josie, many of her scenes here are pretty solid, and the flubbed Harold climax of last episode plays better in the intro here. Oh, and I love Pete's awkward introduction to Tojamura. But all that good stuff pales in comparison to Gerard's transformation into Mike, where Al Strobel just eats up the screen and Lesli Linka Glatter delivers the best evocation of the supernatural/eerie/uncanny this side of Lynch.

That said, the episode didn't click as well for me on this viewing, which may simply be due to external factors - who knows. I do think even at its best, Twin Peaks doesn't quite reach the sublime heights of Lynch-directed entries, especially the ones to come (which, for the record, I consider better - almost stratospherically better - than the already indelible Lynch-directed efforts we've seen so far, even his infamous Red Room episode).

Some questions for the new viewer:

Where do you expect the show to go after that final scene?

Did the Gerard/Mike thing surprise or did you see it coming?

What do you think is the nature of Bob and how can he be tracked?

Do you believe Bob killed Laura? If not, what do you make of all the attention to Bob?

What was your reaction to Gordon Cole - did you know David Lynch would appear on the show? (And did you realize that was David Lynch?)

Do you think Josie and Maddy will return or is this really curtains for their characters?

How does Audrey deal with Ben after everything she's seen?

Will Leland be able to function as Ben's lawyer, and if not, where does his character go from here?

Will Harold give up the diary easily, and if not how does the sheriff get his hands on it?

Will Ben sell to Tojamura or will he be able to re-engage the Icelanders? Any thoughts on the mysterious Japanese investor?

The storylines of Ed & Nadine and Bobby, Shelly & Leo are stuck in a certain status quo at the moment. How do they continue to develop/evolve?

We have now heard twice about Cooper's ex-partner Windom Earle. When do you expect him to enter the story more fully, and where do you see that going?

For the first time in several episodes, Cooper's shooting is brought up (by Gordon Cole, who mentions the sample from a Vicuña coat). Who do you think pulled the trigger?

Random questions but, what has been your favorite episode so far? Second favorite? If both are Lynch-directed ones (ex: the pilot, the Red Room, the giant/waiter, Bob climbing over the couch), what's your favorite not directed by him? What has been your least-favorite episode so far?

Who is your leading suspect in Laura's murder?

When do you expect the murder to be solved (please spoiler-tag if you know for certain)?

How do you expect the show to continue if/when the murder is solved?

Most importantly, will we ever find out the identity of food critic MT Wentz?

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