Lost in the Movies: Veronica Mars - "The Quick and the Wed" (season 2, episode 15)

Veronica Mars - "The Quick and the Wed" (season 2, episode 15)

Welcome to my viewing diary for Veronica Mars. I will cover each TV episode (and eventually the film), several days a week; this will conclude just as the revival (which I will also cover) premieres on Hulu. I have never seen this series before so there will be NO spoilers.

Story (aired on March 22, 2006/written by John Serge; directed by Rick Rosenthal): While Veronica is hired to find a runaway bride, Keith finds himself on both sides of his client's case. First he dutifully goes to the sheriff with Veronica's discovery, then after talking to Terrence's detailer (Gary Weeks), he wonders why he never saw the supposed bomber's explosives during his monthly visits and why Terrence would leave such incriminating material in such an obvious spot when he was expecting the detailer's regularly-scheduled visit. So Keith returns to Lamb with new evidence - this time vindicating Terrence - only to discover that the relentlessly ill-fated Terrence is now in the hospital after breaking into his former girlfriend's home and getting shot by her father. Speaking of exes, Veronica tracks down Heidi Kuhne (Virginia Williams), the sister of Wallace's new girlfriend Jane (Valorie Curry): she ran off with a long-lost musician boyfriend on the eve of her marriage to a wealthy bachelor. She's convinced that fiance Paul Mann (Christopher Mur) cheated on her first, but as it turns out she's been set up - with the lovably/obnoxiously sleazy Vinnie once again in the middle. The prestigious Manns want to break up their son's wedding but while they succeed, their own cover is blown thanks to Veronica's detective work. Meanwhile Logan's own dark detour continues, terrorizing the naive Hannah's parents as he teases their sexual relationship (even using her mother's email address to send a message about condoms to the father). Finally, Dr. Griffith relents - he'll withdraw his witness testimony and face the wrath of the Fitzpatricks as long as Logan leaves Hannah alone. Teased earlier by Veronica in a lighthearted but stinging manner, Logan ends the episode by dragging what's left of his bruised and beaten conscience to his ex - hoping she can guide him away from the path he's on.

My Response:
Once again a mid-season wraps itself around Logan as the Mars duo branches off into separate investigations. Not only does his story provide "The Quick and the Wed"'s most pointed climax, it also engages his own personal drama in a way that Keith's and Veronica's more removed investigations clearly don't. And just as his first plea for help resulted in the unlikely couple becoming, well, a couple, might it do so again? Duncan is out of the picture (for now but probably not forever - more on that in a moment) and the clearly flailing Logan is at his most earnest and vulnerable, just as Veronica likes him. That is, if she can accept the calculated cruelty (however self-defensive) that led him to this earnest vulnerability in the first place. Another Echolls is back in action as Aaron receives a prison visit from Kendall to invest in her and Beaver's weird real estate business/(mutual?) scam. He agrees, but asks a favor from her: it looks like he wants her to retrieve Duncan's hair in order to plant DNA evidence and frame the missing Kane heir as Lilly's killer (though this will only go so far to exonerate him, given his proven attempted murder of Veronica and her dad). I also enjoyed the deployment of a scandalmongering Hollywood TV special covering Aaron's juicy life story, which Logan is forced to view early on; the Lilly Kane case continues to haunt even this season. With Aaron's scheming, Logan's guilty maneuvering, and Terrence's ever-escalating fuck-ups the season has quite a few stories going again but I suspect few of them will ultimately lead into the bus crash denouement. I think we're in a bit of a lull for real leads (with Terrence serving as an effective distraction) until we arrive at the final stretch.

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