Lost in the Movies: Announcement: new Journey Through Twin Peaks and other video essays coming soon (including video)

Announcement: new Journey Through Twin Peaks and other video essays coming soon (including video)

Update 3/10: finally uploaded the video!

Original introduction:

From now until I finish my new Journey Through Twin Peaks series (so through the spring and summer, maybe into the fall), I will be sharing just two types of entries on this site: aside from my usual monthly Patreon updates rounding up a couple new podcast episodes, all of my work will be in the form of video essays. It's been three years since I published my last new video essay (Not Just O.J., about the Oscar-winning O.J. Simpson documentary) but behind the scenes I've been slowly developing videos for at least two years to wrap up four series I launched on YouTube in 2015: "The 3 1/2 Minute Review," "Side by Side," "Cinepoem," and "Montage." The first of these will premiere on Wednesday morning and every week, between Sunday and midweek, I will upload two more videos - they will be cross-posted here on Monday and Wednesday at 8am, keeping to the schedule I maintained throughout the fall and winter. Then, hopefully on April 8 (the thirtieth anniversary of the Twin Peaks pilot,) I will reveal the first chapter of Part 5, the continuation of Journey which will look mostly at the years before season 3, including renewed focus on the work of David Lynch, Mark Frost, and their collaborators (hopefully on May 21, the third anniversary of the season three premiere). From that point on, I will publish Part 6 - an in-depth examination of different thematic/geographical areas of the narrative (Dougie in Vegas, Mr. C, the townspeople's vignettes, etc) - as the pieces are finished.

Also, you can now follow a new Twin Peaks-exclusive account on Twitter, @JourneyPeaks. See you there and elsewhere!

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