Lost in the Movies: Montage: Far Away Music (video)

Montage: Far Away Music (video)

After three years, I am finally beginning to publish video essays again. As outlined in yesterday's announcement, a new video will be cross-posted here every Monday and Wednesday morning, concluding the series I began back in 2015 with five entries each. First up is the Montage series, with a tribute to one of my favorite directors: images from Federico Fellini's work - La Strada (1954), Nights of Cabiria (1957), and La Dolce Vita (1960) - paired with a stirring version of "Song to the Siren." Each film is matched with a different verse, and I love the way the films are able to echo both the images and themes of one another, as well as the spirit of the song.

Update 3/17: the video is now available on Vimeo as well...

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