Lost in the Movies: Montage: Come On Over, Veronique (video)

Montage: Come On Over, Veronique (video)

My Montage series, which resumed last week with a pairing of Federico Fellini and Tim Buckley, concludes with my first "one-film" montage. Usually I feature at least a couple movies in these videos, whether from a similar genre (Haxan and the Hellraiser series), director (Out 1 and Duelle; La Strada, Nights of Cabiria, and La Dolce Vita), or other association (Malcolm X and Opening Night to honor the Honorary Oscar winners). This time, however, the clips I cut to Amy Winehouse's "Valerie ('68 Version)" are all from The Double Life of Veronique. Yet the pattern persists because the film is, of course, a dual narrative following two characters named Veronica (or variations thereof) from Poland and France. In a way, this video provided an opportunity to restructure their stories, in time to the verses of the song, and to put a new visual spin on their run-ins.

I discussed The Double Life of Veronique in my September Patreon podcast, as part of my "Twin Peaks Cinema" series, comparing it to the use of doubles in Twin Peaks and Laura's story in Fire Walk With Me.

Update 3/17: the video is now available on Vimeo as well...

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