Lost in the Movies: The path through Journey Through Twin Peaks

The path through Journey Through Twin Peaks

This post is no longer active and has been superseded by
UPDATE April 2021: that schedule will also soon be expanded and adapted through 2022

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Over the past year, I documented my path to these videos, a resumption of my 2014-15 video series Journey Through Twin Peaks - this ended when I published the first chapter a week ago. Here now is the path through the series, ensuring that it can be released over the spring and summer while I take care of a few other things as well. These steps are pretty self-explanatory; most are directly related to the creation of Journey but I also need to keep up with my monthly patron rewards, and I've decided to take a few weeks "off" before fully diving into Part 6 of the videos. During that time, I will build up a small backlog to carry me through the summer - another Mad Men viewing diary, plus repackaging some of my "Film in Focus" and/or "Twin Peaks Cinema" Patreon segments from the past two years as a brand new public podcast. Additionally, I'll take at least a week to do some behind-the-scenes work on my rebooted Twin Peaks character series, a project which will mostly be developed after these videos conclude.

Meanwhile, I will be publishing new posts at least once a week on this site. At first, these will go up every Wednesday and consist of either a video update of whatever chapters went up in the past week, my monthly patron podcast round-up, or a film review from my backlog. The Wednesday after Part 5 is fully published, I will post a full directory of all the videos in that part, as I did for the previous ones in 2014-15. When my Mad Men viewing diary is ready, I will publish a new episode write-up each Monday; at that point there will only be a Wednesday post when I need to round-up videos or podcasts. And after the viewing diary concludes, I'll return to the regular Wednesday schedule, at that point probably dominated by video updates (concluding, again, with a full round-up of Part 6 as well as perhaps a directory of both parts). (update 6/23: I've revised my approach to the weekly schedule, and also eliminated deadline dates from the following "Path")

In this Twitter thread, I will document the following steps even more closely, breaking down completion of tasks inside of the step as well. You can bookmark this post to check back periodically too. I will update each step to note when it is completed along the way. My hope is to wrap by the beginning of fall, but I won't be surprised if this takes longer. Enjoy the ride!


COMPLETE: Chapter 29, beginning Part 5, was published on April 8
(the 30th anniversary of the pilot)

1) edit Chapter 30 (the in-between years)
completed May 5

2) create Chapters 31 - 33 (David Lynch - aesthetic shifts & the Mary Sweeney years)
completed May 15

3) create Chapter 34 (other original series collaborators)
postponed until after steps 5 / 6 / 7 / 9 (mixed with steps 8 / 11 / 12 / 21)
to become the first step in a new "Path" post published on October 2

4) create Chapter 35 (Mark Frost - early years, literary career & The Secret History)
postponed until after steps 5 / 6 / 7 / 9 (mixed with steps 8 / 11 / 12 / 21)
to become the sixth step in a new "Path" post published on October 2

5) prepare & create Chapter 36: The Return (end of Part 5)
completed May 24
(after steps 3 / 4 postponed)

6) create May patron podcasts (ep. 15 rewatch & main podcast episode)
completed May 30
(after steps 3 / 4 postponed)

7) focus behind-the-scenes on Character Series for at least a week
week ended on June 6
(after steps 3 / 4 postponed)

8) watch/review season 4 of Mad Men (13 episodes)
(to be published in the fall after completion)
completed August 24
(after steps 3 / 4 postponed)
postponed past steps 9 / 12 due to the series' last-minute exit from Netflix

9) create June patron podcasts (ep. 16 rewatch & main podcast episode)
completed June 24
(after steps 3 / 4 / 8 postponed)

10) create Chapter 37 (beginning of Part 6)
postponed until after step 21
to become part of a new "Path" post published on October 2

11) create public podcast episodes through December, using 2018/19 patron podcasts
(to be published alongside new updates every two weeks during/after completion)
mixed with steps 3 / 4 / 8 / 12 / 21
to become the second, fourth, and ninth steps in a new "Path" post published on October 2

12) create July patron podcasts (ep. 17 rewatch & main podcast episode)
completed July 29
(after steps 3 / 4 / 8 / 10 / 11 postponed)

Except for step 21, the following steps - along with 3, 4 & 11 - will become part of a separate "Path" schedule in the fall.
This is described in my late summer update.

13) prepare & draft narration for the rest of Part 6 (Chapter 38 - 47)
This involves personally reassembling and watching different story sections of the series independently of one another, re-watching the season 3 blu-ray special features and re-visiting both my own and other observers' coverage of season 3. Given the amount of research, which is hard to estimate, this is the step most likely to take longer than scheduled - possibly by as much as a week or two.
postponed until after step 21

14) revise & record narration for the rest of Part 6 (Chapters 38 - 47)
postponed until after step 21

15) edit Chapter 38: Far Away Places (New York & other isolated locations throughout)
postponed until after step 21

16) edit Chapter 39: The FBI Story (the Blue Rose task force in South Dakota)
postponed until after step 21

17) edit Chapter 40: Twin Peaks Dreams (the town)
postponed until after step 21

18) edit Chapter 41: Dougie in Vegasland
postponed until after step 21

19) edit Chapter 42: Mr. C's Wild Ride
postponed until after step 21

20) edit Chapter 43: The Search for the Zones (the mythology)
postponed until after step 21

21) create August patron podcasts (ep. 18 rewatch & main podcast episode)
completed August 30
(after steps 3 / 4 / 10 / 11 / 13 - 20 postponed)

22) edit Chapter 44: 3 Women (Diane, Sarah, "Judy")

23) edit Chapter 45: COOPER COOPER COOPER (the big picture & the "Richard" material)

24) edit Chapter 46: What Does She See, What Does She Hear (Laura's legacy and Fire Walk With Me in season 3)

25) edit Chapter 47 (end of Part 6)

Following this, I will edit a preview for Parts 5 and 6 (and perhaps for the whole series, along with a new page serving as directory for everything), as well as writing a follow-up to my two previous "creating Journey" essays. Then I will announce plans for future work, including perhaps a new form of Twin Peaks videos on a more ongoing basis, depending what viewers are interested in, among other factors.

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