Lost in the Movies: New path through Journey Through Twin Peaks

New path through Journey Through Twin Peaks

CURRENT STATUS: Prologue: Catch-up (Step 5)
WORKING ON: outlining October's Lost in Twin Peaks patron podcast on episode 20
(last updated October 16)


So far, I've outlined two schedules to help me create new Journey Through Twin Peaks video essays - and to make the process transparent for curious followers. The first "path," which took me right up to the first new video in five years, was more successful than the second; intended to carry me to the last video, this summer's schedule was abandoned when steps fell completely out of order and I passed initial deadlines by months. For this third phase, I've tried to hew closer to that first approach, as I chart a nine-month outline that can guide me through the remaining thirteen or so videos as well as my obligations to patrons (monthly reward podcasts) and my desire to keep the site active while I focus on new videos that may not appear for months. The key is to create a backlog of work ahead of time, prioritizing time-sensitive obligations, so that once I return to the world of Journey Through Twin Peaks I can stay there as long as possible.

To pull this off, the new "path" has four parts: "catch-up" (unfinished work I fell behind on), "new runway" (creating an extensive backlog to keep up my public and patron routine through June 2021), "video prep" (previously one step but now broken into several to reflect different components of my research), and finally "video focus." I also make note of possible, hopefully brief, interruptions along the way as well as a general timeframe I'd like to keep these steps within.

As before, I will continuously update this page to track my progress. This Twitter thread will follow along in even closer detail as I complete different components of each step.


(interruptions: during this entire time, I will also be creating weekly 30th anniversary episode threads and biweekly video essay clips for Twitter; updating archive pages, my picture gallery, and other directories on this site every few months; and pausing for public conversations on my platform or others')

PROLOGUE: Catch-up (hopefully October/November 2020)

1) finish creating Chapter 34 (other original series collaborators)
completed October 6

2) quickly prepare first October public podcast, hopefully by October 6 deadline
(using a previously recorded review of Gattaca)
completed October 7

3) create delayed September "Lost in the Movies" patron podcast
(probably on 3 Women as "Twin Peaks cinema")
completed October 12

4) create delayed September "Lost in Twin Peaks" patron podcast
(on episode 19)
completed October 16

5) create October "Lost in Twin Peaks" patron podcast
(on episode 20)

6) quickly prepare second October public podcast, hopefully by October 20 deadline
(using a previously recorded review of Dead Poets Society)

7) create October "Lost in the Movies" patron podcast
(probably on Kings Row as "Twin Peaks cinema")

8) finish reading two Mark Frost books
(less than 100 pages left in each)

9) create Chapter 35 (Mark Frost - early years, literary career & The Secret History)

10) compile Part 5 video & illustrated cross-post from Chapters 29 - 36
(Chapters 29 - 33 & 36 already published in spring 2020)

11) create video announcement to share my path forward on YouTube

12) record patron podcast sections covering listener feedback, film viewing capsules, podcast recommendations, and political reflections since April 2020
(to be attached to either the October or November episode depending upon completion)

PART ONE: New Runway (hopefully November/December 2020)

(interruptions: in addition to previously mentioned Twitter plans, site updates, and conversations, I will briefly pause to record a new public podcast intro every two weeks & after the November election I will record my reflections for the next patron podcast "politics" section)

1) re-edit reviews, record outros & create cross-posts for public podcasts through June
(using previously recorded patron podcast reviews)
18 episodes total

2) record, edit & create cross-posts for Lost in Twin Peaks patron podcasts through June
(on episodes 21 - 28)
8 episodes total

3) edit other patron podcasts (including "Twin Peaks cinema" sections) through June
8 episodes total

4) create viewing diary for Mad Men season 5 to keep up weekly posts through June
(season 4 diary is already written and will begin publishing in November)
13 entries total

5) create one Citizen Kane video essay to be published on 80th anniversary in May 2021
(resuming a dormant project begun in 2016; other videos to follow Journey)

potential 6) if any weekly gaps remain through June, create posts to fill them

potential 7) if it is not yet December 1, work on random ongoing projects like the Twin Peaks character series, a Mad Men season 6 viewing diary, or more Citizen Kane videos, but as soon as it's December they must be set aside until Journey is complete

PART TWO: Video prep (hopefully December 2020/January 2021)
must conclude after clocking between 80 - 160 hours
(because there is a practically unlimited amount of material to consume)

(interruptions: previously mentioned Twitter plans, site updates, and conversations)

1) create, watch & take notes on "story section" cuts of Twin Peaks season 3
(as a guide for the thematically/geographically focused upcoming videos)

2) re-watch season 3 blu-ray bonus material

3) re-visit some of my own previous season 3 coverage to incorporate into videos

4) read new Twin Peaks books (including Twin Peaks Unwrapped, Laura's Ghost, Return to Twin Peaks, Critical Essays on Twin Peaks: The Return, Twin Peaks by Grossman/Scheibel, and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me by McHugh)

5) read Twin Peaks articles (especially 2019 - 20 issues of Blue Rose)

6) explore dugpa forum threads & other commentary

PART THREE: Video focus (hopefully January 2021 onward)

(interruptions: in addition to previously mentioned Twitter plans, site updates, and conversations, I may pause no more than three times to record patron podcast bonus material on listener feedback, film viewing capsules, podcast recommendations, and/or political reflections)

Video titles, topics, and order subject to change & expansion

1) outline Part 6 (Chapters 37 - 47)

2) write narration for Part 6 (Chapters 37 - 47)

3) record narration for Part 6 (Chapters 37 - 47)

4) edit/upload/cross-post Chapter 37 (beginning of Part 6)

5) edit/upload/cross-post Chapter 38: Far Away Places (New York & other isolated locations throughout)

6) edit/upload/cross-post Chapter 39: The FBI Story (the Blue Rose task force in South Dakota)

7) edit/upload/cross-post Chapter 40: Twin Peaks Dreams (the town)

8) edit/upload/cross-post Chapter 41: Dougie in Vegasland

9) edit/upload/cross-post Chapter 42: Mr. C's Wild Ride

10) edit/upload/cross-post Chapter 43: The Search for the Zones (the mythology)

11) edit/upload/cross-post Chapter 44: 3 Women (Diane, Sarah, "Judy")

12) edit/upload/cross-post Chapter 45: COOPER COOPER COOPER (the big picture & the "Richard" material)

13) edit/upload/cross-post Chapter 46: What Does She See, What Does She Hear (Laura's legacy and Fire Walk With Me in season 3)

14) edit/upload/cross-post Chapter 47 (end of Part 6)

15) compile Part 6 video & cross-post

Following this, I will edit a preview for Parts 5 and 6 (and perhaps for the whole series, along with a new page serving as directory for everything), as well as writing a follow-up to my two previous "creating Journey" essays. Then I will announce plans for future work, including perhaps a new form of Twin Peaks videos on a more ongoing basis, depending what viewers are interested in, among other factors.

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