Lost in the Movies: Gattaca (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #7)

Gattaca (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #7)

When I decided to re-watch several Ethan Hawke films for my podcast, I don't think Gattaca was originally on my radar. However, hearing fans rave about it on another show reminded me of how I'd enjoyed it as a teenager back in the late nineties/early zeroes; I gave it another viewing and I'm glad I did. The sci-fi film presents future dystopia in a fashion I often find the most compelling (consider it the Brave New World rather than 1984 approach): as a sleek, functional, in many ways highly appealing society which nonetheless entrenches fundamental injustice. At the same time, has the movie's essentially meritocratic message aged as well as its critique of genetic elitism? All that and more are discussed in my latest episode.

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