Lost in the Movies: Before Sunrise (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #1)

Before Sunrise (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #1)

I originally planned to provide a podcast update once a month - patron, public, everything - but instead I've decided to create individual episode posts. My first official episode reviews Before Sunrise (originally recorded in 2018, although I cleaned them up a bit for public re-issue), kicking off both a one-month Before trilogy review and a four-month Ethan Hawke retrospective. This cross-post also marks the 12th anniversary of this website which first published on July 16, 2008. Here's to another dozen years! (If you'd like to learn more about my work in that time, check out the 10th anniversary podcast episode I released publicly a couple years ago.) Please offer your own thoughts on the episode if you have any, and I'll share them on the next episode. Most importantly, if you like what I'm doing please...

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In two weeks, I'll continue the theme with Richard Linklater's follow-up Before Sunset in which the Sunrise characters meet up again after nine years.


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