Lost in the Movies: Twin Peaks Unwrapped - Season 3 Madness (w/ Josh Minton)

Twin Peaks Unwrapped - Season 3 Madness (w/ Josh Minton)

Last year, I joined Ben, Bryon, and rotating guests on the Twin Peaks Unwrapped podcast to undertake a ridiculous (and ridiculously enjoyable) attempt to "rank" David Lynch films, as well as the episodes of Twin Peaks seasons one and two, using a "March Madness" style bracket system (see below). Now they are tackling season three, and the results may surprise you; as I put it on Twitter, "I voted correctly...but did everyone else??" This time Peaks commentator Josh Minton - who has written extensively about the Showtime season in his book Skeleton Key to Twin Peaks - is on the panel, often providing the decisive vote after much discussion. You can watch the whole Zoom call above (apologies for my distant gaze, I couldn't find the eyeline on my phone's screen and didn't realize I was visible when I wasn't talking...) or listen to the audio version from iTunes or pretty much anywhere else you download podcasts.

Thanks to the pandemic, the Unwrapped schedule for 2020 has been thrown into disarray. They originally intended to conclude their half-decade run at the end of the year, following months of community rewatches, "Madness" rankings, and other frequent episodes but now they've committed to extend themselves into 2021, the rewatch episodes are delayed (I've already recorded a killer's reveal discussion which is still several steps back in the backlog), and after initially offering a new contest every calendar season, the "Madness" is now finally reaching its last entry. Well, almost its last entry; the final four will get their own face-off with a massive line-up of all the former participants making the call. That should be fun! The contestants, based on previous victors, will be Lost Highway, episode two, episode fourteen, and....well, you'll have to listen to the above conversation to find out.

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