Lost in the Movies: Before Sunset (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #2)

Before Sunset (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #2)

My public podcast continues its three-part Before trilogy and seven-part Ethan Hawke coverage with Before Sunset, Richard Linklater's sequel to the mid-nineties which finds how now-thirtysomethings rediscovering one another and perhaps rekindling their romance against the backdrop of Bush-era international tensions. What are the characters keeping from one another? What does it mean when the "end of history"...ends? I explore the macro and micro aspects of this ever-evolving narrative in this discussion, alongside an update on my work elsewhere and, as always, an invitation to...

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In two weeks, the Before focus will wrap with Before Midnight although the general Hawke coverage will continue (with some interruptions) through his fiftieth birthday in November.

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