Lost in the Movies: Boyhood (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #5)

Boyhood (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #5)

Is 2014 only or already six years ago? Boyhood chronicles a coming-of-age unfolding over a decade, leading up to the tail end of the Obama era (when the last of the millennials entered college). Given everything that's happened since then, the film's hopeful ending feels like a time capsule. When I recorded this review in 2019 I decided to combine my earlier essay, written when Boyhood was brand new, with further reflections as the movie's present receded into the past. This episode also continues my Ethan Hawke podcast series; although he's a supporting player in the movie, this role rhymes with his work in the Before trilogy (likewise directed by Richard Linklater), which also chronicles a character's journey in real time.

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