Lost in the Movies: JOURNEY THROUGH TWIN PEAKS: Original series collaborators (video debuts this month)

JOURNEY THROUGH TWIN PEAKS: Original series collaborators (video debuts this month)

update 10/7: The video is finally published


Stay tuned and bookmark this post for more news and eventually, the next Journey Through Twin Peaks video chapter.

Consider this post both an announcement and a placeholder for the next, long-delayed "missing chapter" of my Twin Peaks video series - about the collaborators on the original series, it's provisionally titled "A Candle in Every Window" (playing on my memory of a quote from the Mark Frost introduction to the re-published Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, the I can't find the actual passage at present). I will update this post with my progress as I go (which I will also be keeping track of on Twitter) and I will cross-post the video here when I'm done.

Though I'm hesitant to proclaim deadlines given how often they get postponed, in this case I can make a commitment as well. All of my available "online project" free time will be devoted to this video from now on - I won't even tackle my monthly patron commitments until the video is uploaded on YouTube (another incentive to get it done by the last week of September if not sooner). [revision 9/18: unfortunately, I quickly discovered that I need to finish a Mark Frost book, thanks to a hard library due date, and complete one more public podcast which I overlooked, but after THAT, no distractions!] Updates begin, hopefully, as soon as tonight...


* * *

September 18: re-wrote the narration after losing the file I recorded in July (this version is shorter, although still too long, and will require less cutting as I tighten the chapter during editing)

September 21: re-recorded the narration, catching up to where I was mid-summer

September 23: although not directly related to this video, I published a tie-in public podcast on films by Twin Peaks episode directors (listen to it here) - this was also the last obstacle in my path to focusing entirely on chapter 34 during my "online work" time

September 26: finally began editing the video - I will now use this post to track, day-by-day, how far this process has progressed so stay tuned and keep checking in

September 27: narration is cut down (some material may be saved for an eventual standalone video) and I've begun choosing clips for the introduction

September 28: continued choosing clips for the introduction - a montage of house/lights footage from different films by episode directors

September 29: finished intro montage and began designing "editors" mosaic sequence (displaying a clip from every original series episode on the same screen)

September 30: continued designing "editors" mosaic sequence (chose clips for each episode and began creating titles/freeze-frames etc

October 1: completed the "editors" mosaic sequence; here is a screenshot:

October 2: created opening of "directors" sequence with clips of directors' credits and juxtapositions with their Mad Men episodes

October 3: continued "directors" sequence with Mad Men episodes and some of their feature films

October 4: finished "directors" sequence including side-by-side montage of episodes and feature films (this was by far my longest day)

October 5: created quick "production designer/cinematographers/composer" sequence and began "writers" sequence - now all that remains is the Harley Peyton/Robert Engels part, which is about half the chapter but much less visually complex than other sequences, and I'll have all day today to work on it

October 6: created the majority of the Harley Peyton/Robert Engels writers sequence (although I spent too much time trying to figure out what clips had been used in past chapters through a more in-the-weeds approach than necessary) and I stopped working at the point where I would cross-reference other Engels work; also, worth noting there will be one coda after Engels is finished, addressing Frost in a way that transitions into the following chapter

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