Lost in the Movies: Dead Poets Society (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #8)

Dead Poets Society (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #8)

Update 10/24: The podcast has been published and the Pinecast link has been updated (twice, since the first update was still incorrect!)

Autumn is always the perfect time to revisit Dead Poets Society, although its New England prep school seasons extend into winter (both literally and figuratively). Is the movie a sensitive evocation of a time and place, a thoughtful reflection on the restlessness of the human soul, or a shallow celebration of unquestioned self-indulgence? How does its late fifties setting both anticipate, onscreen, and reflect, offscreen, the social changes which would follow? Is it true that the world is too complicated to be reduced to good versus evil, or is that supposedly wise view itself naïve? And how does David Lynch link up to all of this? My Ethan Hawke series continues with one of his earliest roles, and this time I have some additional listener feedback and bonus material to incorporate. Apologies for the slightly late release (see the original introduction below) but hopefully you enjoy these reflections now that they are up.

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Dead Poets Society by Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times)

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Although it's important for me to establish a routine by publishing a new podcast every couple weeks, right now it's even more important to follow the path I laid out for Journey Through Twin Peaks and contemporaneous projects over the next few months...even if that temporarily pushes back some deadlines. Right now that means a focus on putting the finishing touches on one of this month's patron podcasts before assembling my Dead Poets Society episode for the public show, even though the latter would be much easier to put together. I don't want to fall back into the quicksand of multiple ongoing commitments at once; I chose a certain order and I'm going to stick to it.

So for now, watch this space...the episode will be up soon, probably by Friday at the latest and this cross-post will be updated to reflect that.

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