Lost in the Movies: LOST IN TWIN PEAKS: Teaser for Patreon podcast (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #16)

LOST IN TWIN PEAKS: Teaser for Patreon podcast (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #16)

Yesterday was February 24, the day in 1989 that FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper arrived in Twin Peaks, Washington to investigate the murder of popular local teenager Laura Palmer. Most if not all who listen to this podcast or visit this site will already be quite familiar with this David Lynch/Mark Frost show - your enthusiasm for Twin Peaks is probably how you found me in the first place. In the off-chance it isn't and you aren't, stick around (at least for a little bit): this episode and the larger podcast it samples and promotes are meant for first-time as well as veteran viewers. Since 2019, I've been covering Peaks episodes as part of my monthly podcast Lost in Twin Peaks (and as early as 2018 I covered episodes of the third season, retroactively incorporated into this project) which eschews spoilers until a separate section at the end of each entry while still offering a deep, deep dive into all aspects of the show. In this teaser, my longest episode for this public podcast, I play clips ranging from about three to six minutes from those patron episodes and invite you to hear more.

The samples include the following subjects: the podcast's regular format; Donna and James as secondary leads, the opening credits, and the first indications of the Laura Palmer investigation in the pilot; the strange distance Peaks travels in its first season alone, and the scene/act structure of that season's finale; the writing and shooting of the episode that resolves the mystery; what the episode concluding the investigation tells us about the characters of Cooper and Laura and the town of Twin Peaks; the development of the Lodge mythology in season two; the historical context of the period when the show went on hiatus and was nearly cancelled; and my thoughts on the very last moments of season three.

And there are hours more where that came from...

This cross-post was accidentally kept in draft mode for 2 days, it was supposed to go up on Thursday.

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