Lost in the Movies: The Lobster (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #17)

The Lobster (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #17)

I decided to jump ahead the next episode a week early for reasons explained in the podcast. It will be three weeks till Episode 18, and in the meantime I'll be catching up with Patreon rewards from February and closing off a long period that began last summer as I publish the last pieces (a YouTube announcement and a second round-up of screenshots) related to Journey Through Twin Peaks Part 5. On this episode, I discuss The Lobster, Yorgos Lanthimos' surreal, whimsical, and sometimes quite violent 2015 romance in which single people spend a month at a resort trying to find a mate who matches strict criteria...or else they will be turned into animals. The only alternative is racing off to form a resistance band in the woods where they're now punished if they do fall in love. Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz are both earnest and amusing as a couple who find themselves in the latter situation, and the film provides a springboard to consider how society molds us in often bewildering and contradictory ways, on the job as well as in relationships. If you have any reflections on this fascinating, eccentric work, let me know, and I'll share your comments when we're back on the normal schedule a few weeks from now.

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