Lost in the Movies: Upstream Color (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #15)

Upstream Color (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #15)

In an unusual approach, I discussed this film - an avant-garde sci-fi(ish) drama from the early teens which seems to be following a semi-hidden mythology - without reading up on its background or the interpretive theories that emerged. Then I paused the recording halfway through, read a bit more, and returned to discuss what I'd found. Pigs, parasitical worms, musical composition, gods, creators, and scammers all swirl around a confused couple drawn to one another for reasons they can't quite explain. Rather than straightforwardly establish the rules of the universe he's set in motion, Shane Carruths allows us to wander inside of it, trying to figure out the mechanics for ourselves. I found the work intriguing, exasperating, and surprisingly amusing (despite its serious tone) given the absurdity inherent in the premise. Along with the film, this podcast mentions my recent completion of Journey Through Twin Peaks Part 5; since I'm still exporting the full video(s) for Vimeo and planning to officially cross-post that and the other chapters on Tuesday, this is actually the first mention on this site of that benchmark. So make sure you check out the link below, if you haven't already, to watch my video essay on Mark Frost - my most ambitious undertaking yet.

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(animated film I compared to Upstream Color)

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