Lost in the Movies: Start of Spring update

Start of Spring update

Exactly nine months ago today, on the cusp of summer, I issued a status update to organize a new schedule for the site and lay out my plans for pursuing unfinished work, primarily two Twin Peaks videos that I'd originally hoped to publish in May. I presumed I'd be caught up with that work within a few weeks, start sharing several posts a week instead of just one, and finish my Journey Through Twin Peaks project in late summer. Instead, those two videos (and life in general) proved so time-consuming that I didn't finish the second until February and only now, at the tail end of winter, am I almost caught up with belated patron obligations (I wrapped my main podcast episode and a half-dozen bonus spin-offs yesterday). For the past forty weeks, I've published just one post every single week - sometimes a simple update to touch base, sometimes a round-up bursting at the seams - to keep the site active. That will change next week when I begin reviewing Mad Men's fourth season, share my latest public podcast, and possibly upload a YouTube video update too; going forward, my online activity will be a little busier with at least one post, but often more, per week.

As announced in that update back in June, each day of the week is reserved for a different type of post - Monday for TV viewing diary, Tuesday for video essay update, Wednesday for written film review, Thursday for podcast cross-post, and/or Friday for random - so whatever I have to share in a week will be released on its respective day. First up, I will finish the "catch-up" phase of my "path through Journey Through Twin Peaks" schedule (with a couple Lost in Twin Peaks episodes kicking off the late season stretch and both public and patron podcasts on Blue Velvet). Then, behind the scenes, I will build up a backlog to take me through September of this year (including a Citizen Kane video for the eightieth anniversary in May and another season of Mad Men episodes, which I've already begun watching and writing about). By June at the latest I hope to be completely focused on Journey Through Twin Peaks again, immersing myself in season three - the material itself, as well as what others have had to say about it - and creating the videos ahead of time before I start sharing them, so that I'm not tripping all over myself as I was with Part 5.

That's the plan, anyway. As the bookends for this period show, plans can change - but I hope you and I enjoy the journey along the way regardless. See you Monday.

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