Lost in the Movies: The Social Network (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #25)

The Social Network (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #25)

After several delays, I am finally kicking off my third season of the podcast with a discussion of The Social Network - David Fincher's film about Facebook (or rather, its creator), a story that plays a little differently when you're watching it unfold in 2004, 2010, or 2018 (which is when I recorded the bulk of this episode, originally for patrons). This is a film I enjoy revisiting precisely for that reason - I've discussed it with others and paid tribute to its visual motifs before (both linked below), and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it too so that discussion can continue. What's your favorite Fincher film? Do you like Aaron Sorkin's approach, and if not is this film an exception? If the two collaborators checked in on Zuckerberg and Facebook a couple decades after their initial, impressed but ambivalent depiction, what do you think that film would look like? I'll share any feedback in upcoming episodes. From this point on, I will be publishing episodes every Wednesday through the end of September, when I'll begin to spread my podcasts across several feeds (as discussed in this earlier announcement).

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My 2010 review of The Social Network (using conversations with others)

Paper vs. Plastic: my 2013 visual tribute to The Social Network


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Original introduction published this morning:

For the moment (8am Thursday), this post is a placeholder, but if you refresh it by this afternoon (at the latest) you'll find my latest public podcast episode covering David Fincher's 2010 The Social Network. The material is mostly already there from a Patreon recording in 2018, I just need to streamline and re-package it for public consumption. Immediately after it's finished, I'll be moving onto public podcasts for the coming weeks so that within days I'll have a backlog through September, so this won't happen again until at least October (at which point I'll hopefully have enough of a head start and backlog that this doesn't happen again, period). I wanted to stay on my planned schedule for the past month, focusing on wrapping up my Mad Men viewing diary and then writing a retrospective piece about my creation of new Journey Through Twin Peaks videos last year, which is what slowed me down and pushed this episode back not just from yesterday but from mid-July when it was originally slotted. For the rest of the summer public podcasts will be going up every week (they usually go up every other week) to make up for lost time. See you soon.

Update: My keyboard is experiencing technical difficulties right as I was set to finish the episode, so it will be further delayed this afternoon as I attempt to fix the problem.

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