Lost in the Movies: Fall 2021: status update

Fall 2021: status update

I've finally finished all the work I laid out in my last seasonal update (back in late June), but in the process I fell behind on my overall plan. Sticking to my "Path back to JOURNEY THROUGH TWIN PEAKS" schedule meant that I had to finish Mad Men viewing diaries which won't be published until 2022 before getting to patron and public podcasts that were already overdue. I caught up with all of this eventually, especially during a very busy period from late August to early September, in which I published thirty-one separate pieces in just eighteen days - all shared in this thread. In addition to an accelerated release of public and patron podcasts, this deluge of new work included kicking off my Olympic film capsule round-ups, Twin Peaks Conversations series, and season six viewing diary for Mad Men, as well as concluding that show's season five coverage, my summer of re-released Journey Through Twin Peaks mini-videos for The Return's fourth anniversary, and most notably, my Lost in Twin Peaks series for the $5/month tier by covering Fire Walk With Me in twelve parts and fourteen hours. Despite reaching my goals, the delay means that now I face a similar dilemma, this time with harder deadlines that can't be bent. I'm going to have to start jumping ahead steps on that "Path" schedule while trying to hold to the overall order the best I can (lest I fall back into the quicksand I did in 2020).

In a week, I'm committed to unveiling my Lost in Twin Peaks podcast in a new form for public listeners, adding a new feed under my Lost in the Movies umbrella which will be devoted to episode-by-episode coverage of all three seasons and the film of Twin Peaks. My Patreon episodes usually ran two to three hours (sometimes longer for the big ones as just demonstrated in extreme form with Fire Walk With Me) - now that same content, with perhaps a few new bells and whistles in some cases, will be divided into smaller chunks. These little episodes will hopefully run around fifteen to thirty minutes for the most part, perhaps a bit longer for the narrative-focused ones, and they will be published daily. At that rate, I'll be covering a different Peaks episode in themed pieces every week, running from Saturday (when I'll publish an illustrated companion/guide to upcoming content) through Friday, in time for some onscreen and offscreen anniversaries next spring and summer - hence the hard deadline. Also in October, I'll be adding two monthly podcast feeds - Twin Peaks Cinema and Left of the Movies - that were previously teased on Lost in the Movies. A preview for all three of these new-to-the-public podcasts has just been uploaded as a Lost in the Movies episode. There you can hear further details as well as relevant clips.

To make sure I hit these benchmarks, I will begin preparing the first Lost in Twin Peaks public episodes today. As noted, the underlying material already exists, I just need to re-format it and prepare the weekly illustrated companions. Week-to-week, I'll keep setting aside time for that work, while otherwise catching up with the planned schedule to prepare public and patron podcasts for the rest of 2021. And in November, whether or not I have caught up with the "Path" (at the rate I'm going, probably not) I'll also jump ahead to begin preparing my rebooted TWIN PEAKS Character Series for 2022, another hard deadline. More on that when I offer my next seasonal update in December...

So that's the behind-the-scenes process; here's what the more straightforward public site schedule should look like week-to-week and/or month-to-month through December.

SUNDAYS Monthly Twin Peaks Conversations podcast or monthly Patreon round-up
(including discussions with David Bushman, John Thorne, and Cameron Cloutier among others, "Twin Peaks Cinema" coverage of Drugstore Cowboy, Field of Dreams, and Dune, and a bonus series on Adam Curtis' documentary/essay Can't Get You Out of My Head)

MONDAYS Weekly Mad Men season six viewing diary
(ends around Thanksgiving, will resume/conclude with season seven next summer)

No video essays planned for TUESDAYS this fall

WEDNESDAYS Monthly Olympic film capsules round-ups
(September's entry may be delayed, resulting in two in October instead)

THURSDAYS Weekly, alternating public podcast episodes, probably in this order each month: Lost in the Movies older film, Twin Peaks Cinema, Lost in the Movies new release, Left of the Movies (except older film & new release are reversed in October)
(including Halloween, Laura, Vertigo, The Battle for Chile, Our Daily Bread, and the new version of Dune, among others)

FRIDAYS Occasional, random guest appearances or other types of posts that don't fit in elsewhere

SATURDAYS Weekly illustrated companions to the coming Lost in Twin Peaks public episode

I also include updates on recent work and/or behind-the-scenes progress on my main public and patron episodes as well as before each Twin Peaks Conversation, if you want to keep track of how things are going.

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