Lost in the Movies: Arrival (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #31 - bonus)

Arrival (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #31 - bonus)

Re-visiting this film from the mid-teens (which now feels like a distinct era), I was fascinated by the ways it played differently for me. On first viewing, I did not know the big twist nor much about it except the general idea - this time the experience was different (much like for the central character herself). Arrival's alien encounter, a misty, moody dive into Denis Villeneuve's atmospheric aesthetic, also serves as a prelude to the next couple weeks of podcasts - consider this a miniseries within the third season, as I explore the Canadian director's sci-fi works, culminating in the first new release I've covered (or at least offered a proper review of, aside from my quickie Patreon capsules) in years. Next week and the week after these discussions will take the form of conversations with Max Clark (the Blade Runner 2049 episode is from several years ago and has already been released publicly on YouTube, if you want to jump right to it). This time, however, I'm on my own, recording a film response directly to my public podcast feed (rather than recycling a Patreon review from the past) for the very first time.

In this episode I ask why the film's human interest plays more compellingly than it does in other blockbusters, briefly tease out connections to another Canadian classic about lost children (The Sweet Hereafter), and muse on how Arrival suits its own zeitgeist just as the short story it's based upon may reflect its own. Please let me know what you made of this movie in the comments below, and I'll share these thoughts in an upcoming episode.

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