Lost in the Movies: John Carpenter's Halloween (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #33)

John Carpenter's Halloween (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #33)

As I return to the every-two-weeks schedule for the Lost in the Movies podcast (while Twin Peaks Cinema and Left of the Movies fill the off-weeks), and one of my episodes each month will be a new release, that leaves one random older film each month. For October, at least, the choice seemed easy - especially since I'd recorded my reflections on John Carpenter's Halloween for that film's fortieth anniversary a few years ago. In this discussion, I offer appreciation for the film's essential, iconic, simple approach (contrasting with the more flamboyant A Nightmare on Elm Street, which I call the Looney Tunes to this film's Disney); consider the evolution of the franchise through several hard and soft reboots (as well as some strange political responses to the latest sequel); and explore the ways in which Halloween represents a moment of transition in the horror genre, shifting protagonists from the authoritative, official monster-slayer represented by Donald Pleasance to the ordinary teen "final girl" established by Jamie Lee Curtis. And as a coda, I include some additional mentions of the film from my patron episodes - a podcast recommendation for further discussion, a comparison to Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and several instances of listener feedback including responses to a question I now pose to you: What's your favorite horror movie?

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