Lost in the Movies: TWIN PEAKS CONVERSATIONS #2 w/ David Bushman, author of Conversations with Mark Frost & Murder at Teal's Pond (YouTube & extended PATREON)

TWIN PEAKS CONVERSATIONS #2 w/ David Bushman, author of Conversations with Mark Frost & Murder at Teal's Pond (YouTube & extended PATREON)

Update for yesterday's Lost in Twin Peaks podcast: the episode went up in the afternoon, but the illustrated companion is not yet finished - it should be complete within a few hours.

In those fateful days just before the pandemic hit, I tore through David Bushman's book Conversations with Mark Frost in anticipation of my upcoming video work on the Peaks co-creator. Later in 2020, I'd begin work on "The Bookhouse Boy" and this book would serve in many ways as a Bible for that project (by far my most time-consuming, and perhaps my most complex, video essay). I'd already spent much of 2019 reading Frost's book, watching his film and TV work, and discovering surprising connections to Twin Peaks. Now here was Frost discussing his own career in his own words, for the first time in such depth, as well as his own fascinating life and philosophy. Bushman provides a brilliant guide through this terrain, asking probing questions and follow-ups (including about the ongoing mysteries of Twin Peaks and particularly The Return) and bringing to bear his own extensive knowledge of television history and Frost's role in it, from his twenty-five years at the Paley Center for Media (as well as, I learned in this conversation, programming the cable network TV Land). Bushman has been immersed in the Peaks world since co-authoring Twin Peaks FAQ with Arthur Smith in 2016, spending the bulk of his time on the upcoming Murder at Teal's Pond - a true crime investigation into the case that inspired Frost to create Peaks in the first place. After introducing Bushman, we spend the first part of our conversation on that topic before moving onto Frost...

PART 1 on YouTube
(Embedded videos are having difficulty right now - you can jump here for this one.)

In the second, longer part of the conversation - over a half-hour of Frost/Peaks/TV-focused content - we hone in on the dynamic and complicated Lynch/Frost relationship and how it plays out in season three. We ponder why the TV era that Frost sharpened his teeth on has largely been forgotten, tease out some lingering Peaks mysteries, and whether a united vision is even possible given the different visions of the co-creators.

And listen to...

This new series kicked off with a bonus episode last week (an interview with the authors/hosts of Twin Peaks Unwrapped) but from now on it will be monthly, so expect the next conversation in October...

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