Lost in the Movies: Pausing Lost in Twin Peaks, catching up with Patreon & shifting my approach to upcoming projects

Pausing Lost in Twin Peaks, catching up with Patreon & shifting my approach to upcoming projects

I usually wait until Fridays for status updates but this one was more pressing. On Saturday, I decided to take a break from the public Lost in Twin Peaks episode-by-episode podcast which has appeared every day since early October. I published this announcement instead of initiating the week of season one finale coverage as planned:

However, I also accidentally published the season one finale illustrated companion early Monday morning (before returning it to draft mode), further adding to the confusion and creating the need for a quick clarification. Here's where things stand:

1) Lost in Twin Peaks - From now on, I will not publish an episode or group of episodes until everything within that group is complete. In a few weeks, I'll share the season one finale. Then I will pause for at least several months, and work on Fire Walk With Me and season three episodes. If I complete them in time, I will share these over the summer of 2022, coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary of the film and the fifth anniversary of the season. The season two coverage will wait until after that later material for that reason (although if I get enough done ahead of time, maybe I will share the first nine episodes of season two in the late winter and spring before Fire Walk With Me - probably not feasible, however).

2) Patreon - With the public work on pause, I can now catch up with delayed rewards. The $1/month tier podcast hasn't gone up yet; it will probably be more minimal than usual when it does, with parts intended for it to be included within the next couple episodes. And November's Twin Peaks Conversations podcast (some of which will also be posted on YouTube) probably won't be ready by the end of the month, as I am just reaching out to potential guests now. My hope is to be all caught up by the end of December, maybe even with a big year-end podcast touching on other long-delayed topics as well, like listener feedback and podcast recommendations. However, I may shift gears to a simpler approach, with more patron input, in 2022. All this and more is discussed in an announcement I just recorded and published for patrons:

3) TWIN PEAKS Character Series - I'd hoped to start publishing this long-dormant project, initiated in 2017 but put on ice after season three and kept there ever since, over the entire course of 2022, three posts a week for the first six months and then once a week for the top thirty character entries. I'll still stick to that schedule but I'll wait until the first six months are completed before I post any of it, to ensure I have a sizable backlog. That means it will probably run from about mid-2022 to mid-2023 by the time it's ready. Hopefully Journey Through Twin Peaks will also be finished during the time this is running.

As for everything else, I am keeping my recent "Plan for Journey Through Twin Peaks & more" active though I substantially reworked it a few days ago. You can keep track of what's upcoming, what's been finished behind the scenes, and what I'm currently working on there.

Thanks for your patience as I navigate these multiple commitments. The next year and a half or so should be pretty busy and I hope you enjoy the results.

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