Lost in the Movies: Plan for Journey Through Twin Peaks & more (keeping track)

Plan for Journey Through Twin Peaks & more (keeping track)

A list of ongoing work for 2021 - 22
updated daily with the latest progress

After multiple attempts to create intricate "path to Journey Through Twin Peaks" schedules and then stumbling over and over again because I took on too much, I'm keeping it simple. I have two big Twin Peaks projects - the Lost in Twin Peaks public podcast and my rebooted "TWIN PEAKS Character Series" writing - to finish before returning to my Journey videos. I also want to keep my Lost in the Movies and Twin Peaks Cinema public podcast feeds at least minimally active (once a month for each, re-presenting old patron recordings) as well as maintaining my monthly patron rewards including the new Twin Peaks Conversations series, half on YouTube, half for my $5/month tier (although the the $1/month tier podcast probably needs to be simplified and changed up in other ways). And since I began the Olympic film capsule series in August after the summer games, I'd like to conclude it before the Winter Olympics in February. Beyond that, it would be nice to resume my "Unseen" essay series and some other project, but I suspect that will end up having to be postponed - as have all the other projects I'd been planning for the coming year. It's time to head into the home stretch on my Twin Peaks work and let almost everything else fall by the wayside.

Here are the projects in order of priority, with further details and the most up-to-date information on each...

Last update: Monday, December 6
(This schedule was re-arranged from its original format - details here.)


1) Lost in Twin Peaks public podcast - PAUSED
(a week on each episode w/ an illustrated companion)

(last changed November 21, 2021)
a) finish season 1 finale (#8) by the end of 2021
b) finish Fire Walk With Me (#31) to publish on 30th anniversary (May 2022)
c) finish season 3 (#32 - 46) to publish on 5th anniversaries (May - September 2022)
d) go back to finish season 2 ep. 1 - 9 to publish all before May 2022
e) finish the rest of season 2 to complete the podcast in the first part of 2022

Next work: #8 illustrated companion
Complete but unpublished: nothing
published 7 of 46 weeks

2) Monthly podcasts - CURRENTLY WORKING on December $1/month Patreon (+ cross-posts for October/November patron podcasts & intro/outro for December Twin Peaks Cinema)
(Twin Peaks Conversations, Lost in the Movies, Twin Peaks Cinema, $1/month Patreon tier)

(last changed November 21, 2021)
a) Begin shift to new Patreon rewards, discuss options w/ patrons (finished)
b) Catch up w/ late or imminent Patreon podcasts & cross-posts (October/November) (finished)
*c) Finish all 2021 podcasts (December)
-d) Settle on & begin new approaches for 2022 (will begin around March)
e) Get & stay a month ahead

Next work: prepare for December Twin Peaks Conversations
finished 2 of 4 for December, aside from last-minute updates

On each podcast...

December Twin Peaks Conversations: guest scheduled for mid-month
(Scott Ryan on his new Fire Walk With Me book)

January Lost in the Movies: no re-editing/re-presentation yet
(will be The Piano)

December Twin Peaks Cinema: complete & unpublished
(Sunset Boulevard - scheduled for December 15)

December $1/month Patreon tier: no work yet (film should be available today)
(MYSTERIOUS SKIN, Pinkle, Mayor, Lana, Big Ed's Gas Farm, Fargo field, who is Donna's father? + Eraserhead, Dune archive, maybe some bonus sections)

3) rebooted TWIN PEAKS Character Series - NOT YET RESUMED
(usually 3/week until top 30 characters, then weekly)

(last changed November 21, 2021)
Complete at least up to the top 30 before resuming in 2022

Next work: prepare already-written introduction
fully finished 0 of 91 (many entries already or partially written/illustrated/organized)


4) Olympic Series (capsules on documentary films) - PAUSED

(last changed November 21, 2021)
a) Finish at least 3 more full round-ups (19 capsules) before resuming publication
b) Publish weekly round-ups from January 19 - week after February Olympics end

Next work: Summer 2004 documentary
fully finished of 47 (many entries already or partially written/illustrated/organized)

5) Unseen Series (reviewing a popular film I haven't seen from each year)

a) Resume before May 4 if 6 months ahead on character series (may pursue if convenient access)
b) Stop work on Labor Day & publication whenever that backlog runs out

Next work: The Avengers
finished of 100

Latest release: Her (The Unseen 2013)

6) backlog through at least the end of 2022
(goals: 6 months ahead on all podcasts & Unseen by Labor Day, abandon if not)
work on this only when at least 2 weeks ahead on Lost in Twin Peaks, a month ahead on the character series, a week ahead on other podcasts & finished with Olympics series

7) work on backlog of other paused/postponed projects:
Mirrors of Kane video series
The Wire & Breaking Bad viewing diaries
Left of the Movies public podcast
(benchmarks: try to start by Memorial Day, consider abandoning if not begun by 4th of July, pause again by Labor Day)
work on this only when at least 6 months ahead on everything else


8) Journey Through Twin Peaks Part 6
(goal: begin after Labor Day if character series is done, whether or not backlog is ready)
work on this only when Lost in Twin Peaks & character series are complete

Here are the steps for Journey Through Twin Peaks:

a) "story section" cuts of Twin Peaks season 3 for personal reference
(as a guide for the thematically/geographically focused upcoming videos)

b) research season 3

c) outline Part 6 (Chapters 37 - 47)

d) write narration for Part 6 (Chapters 37 - 47)

e) record narration for Part 6 (Chapters 37 - 47)

f) edit Chapter 37: Signal Disturbance (beginning of Part 6)

g) edit Chapter 38: Far Away Places (New York & other isolated locations throughout)

h) edit Chapter 39: The FBI Stories (Blue Rose task force in South Dakota)

i) edit Chapter 40: Twin Peaks Dream (the town)

j) edit Chapter 41: Dougie in Vegasland

k) edit Chapter 42: Mr. C's Wild Ride

l) edit Chapter 43: The Search for the Zones (the mythology)

m) edit Chapter 44: 3 Women (Diane, Sarah, "Judy")

n) edit Chapter 45: COOPER COOPER COOPER (the big picture & "Richard" material)

o) edit Chapter 46: What Does She See, What Does She Hear (Laura's legacy and Fire Walk With Me in season 3)

p) edit Chapter 47: See the Mountains Kiss High Heaven (end of Part 6)

q) create Parts 5 & 6 trailer

r) complete Part 6 presentation

s) Write about creating Journey Through Twin Peaks Part 6
(*fan art poster from unknown creator)

Changes to this post since publication on 11/12

11/21: Initially, #1 Lost in Twin Peaks was headlined "MUST MAINTAIN SCHEDULE" (to conclude, in order, on the week of the season three finale's fifth anniversary in September 2022) but today I abandoned that schedule when the pace proved too much. My goal had been to stay two weeks ahead, but I changed this to emphasize finishing certain parts of the podcast in time for anniversaries. I also re-formatted the goals and benchmark sections. (Archive of original post) - Two days later, the reasons for this change were detailed here (scheduled to publish 8am on Tuesday, November 23).

(*Mt. Si Motel photo by Todd Hido)

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