Lost in the Movies: Spring Update: Schedule for 2022 & 2023 (video)

Spring Update: Schedule for 2022 & 2023 (video)

This is my prospective schedule for everything I'll publish in the next year and a half. As explained in the video below, the top priorities - aside from maintaining my four monthly podcasts (much of which will be based on pre-existing material) - are re-packaging my Lost in Twin Peaks podcast for Fire Walk With Me, The Return, and season two (in that order) and rebooting my TWIN PEAKS Character Series last seen in 2017. The "Unseen" series and miscellaneous work will be pursued only if the big stuff is going well. And it all leads toward resuming Journey Through Twin Peaks next summer, which means those videos will have to be my exclusive focus (in terms of behind the scenes work) by early 2023, hopefully even by late 2022.

Meanwhile, I continue to track my work on my backlog here (and in a new Twitter thread). Finishing this announcement today - plus recently bringing my Top Posts and picture gallery pages up to date - puts me in a spot where I'm a full month ahead on everything I'll publish on any platform. That means I can spend April building up a backlog for Lost in Twin Peaks and the character entries, to avoid falling behind as I so often have before. If I do get bogged down (certainly possible especially as a busy period of offline work will pick up soon), I'll stick to the priorities and give up some projects if I have to. But it feels like the year is off to a good start; the Olympic Series in particular was a nice way to build up some momentum after autumn burnout.

Thanks as always for your interest and support. This looks to be one of the most crucial periods in my site's history, perhaps the most important of all, as I reach the climax of a decade-long focus on Twin Peaks.

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