Lost in the Movies: TWIN PEAKS CONVERSATIONS #9 w/ Twin Peaks Fanatic creator Mya McBriar (YouTube & extended PATREON)

TWIN PEAKS CONVERSATIONS #9 w/ Twin Peaks Fanatic creator Mya McBriar (YouTube & extended PATREON)

While this is Mya McBriar's debut as guest in the extended Lost in the Movies universe, she and I have crossed paths many times before beginning in the heady days of 2014 - 17 on the dugpa World of Blue forum where we and other fans shared theories and speculation about the upcoming series. She started her blog Twin Peaks Fanatic around that time, soon moving from quick posts on various aspects of the show to longer, more personal essays on the elements of Peaks or David Lynch's work that most moved her, all while plugging away at recaps and reactions to every episode. We appeared, together and apart, on Twin Peaks Unwrapped episodes too - most famously (at least in Unwrapped's own lore) to rank Lynch fims, with some unexpected results. On the anniversary of the Twin Peaks pilot this weekend, we discussed this era of fandom - its new discoveries and layers of nostalgia (and nostalgia-for-nostalgia) - in our first one-on-one interview, along with an eclectic array of topics. These include the highs and lows of season three after all that anticipation: experimentation in Parts 3 and 8; Sarah, Judy, and the frogbug; Dougie's world; Richard Horne's place after abandoning the original Audrey story; and - as always - where the finale leaves us going forward. We also talk about the power of Laura Palmer, Lynch's possible jabs at Quentin Tarantino from the nineties to the teens, Mya's discovery of the original show as a preteen Gen Xer in one of the more remote and offbeat parts of New Jersey ("Shades of Death Road", anyone?), and her own creative writing which combines Lynch analysis with original fictional material. Some of this is featured in the public part of the conversation on YouTube...

PART 1 on YouTube

...while the other half of the discussion, available to $5/month patrons, incorporates the rest of these subjects and casts the net even wider.

Listen to...

Read Mya's other work on 25 Years Later/TV Obsessive as well as in The Blue Rose magazine & the book Women of Lynch (for her piece "Impressions of Lynch: Journaling a Requiem")

Highlights from Twin Peaks Fanatic include Laura Walked With Me amp; Pinky's Dream: The Story of Crazy Clown Time

The Hunter S. Thompson quote was used in 25 Years Later - Happy Anniversary Twin Peaks!

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