Lost in the Movies: Summer schedule: Lost in Twin Peaks season 3 begins tomorrow, TWIN PEAKS Character Series postponed & the next conversation

Summer schedule: Lost in Twin Peaks season 3 begins tomorrow, TWIN PEAKS Character Series postponed & the next conversation

It's been an intense couple weeks in which I barely kept up with my schedule - or, ok, failed entirely to keep up with it (though I caught up eventually). At this point, I don't really have any business continuing any of it; I should declare that from now no projects will be published until they are entirely done and focus on building a backlog while keeping up with a couple patron and a couple public monthly podcast commitments. However, the siren call of season three's fifth anniversary is too strong so I will carry on straight from tonight's final Fire Walk With Me podcasts into Parts 1 & 2 of The Return tomorrow. I can't guarantee that I'll finish this work on schedule (with the finale coverage going up during the first full week of September). If the recent past is any indication, I won't. But I've got to try.

On the plus side, the fact that I recorded the first week of season three podcasts back in March means I have a modest head start on this whole endeavor. As a matter of practicality, I'm also going to temporarily change the illustrated companion schedule (since it's the only part of the Parts 1 & 2 coverage I haven't finished - or even begun - yet). These screenshot lineups for each week of episodes will start publishing the Saturday after my coverage has concluded rather than before (so, for example, I'll run the Parts 1 & 2 podcasts from May 21 - 28 and then the companion will post on May 29, the day that Parts 3 & 4 coverage begins). When I reach the off-week of July 2 - 8 (when no episode ran in 2017), I'll switch back to publishing companions at the beginning of each week.

As for the character series, as always it gets the shaft. It turns out I couldn't do both projects this season (hell, I may not even be able to just do one), so six years after I conceived it I've got to punt once again. That said, I will continue to share advance entries with patrons - fewer, but at least three a month - which will keep me working on the series amidst other, higher priorities. One last matter: I accidentally announced my next Twin Peaks Conversations podcast this past Sunday, as if it would be going up this week. Obviously, it didn't. When I caught this mistake, I put the post back into draft mode but in case you caught it too and are wondering what's up: I'll be sharing my conversation with Andreas Halskov next week, probably Tuesday. It's already edited and just waiting for an opportune moment when I can share my usual monthly updates as part of the podcast, with the knowledge of not just of what's going on but what's coming up. We've finally reached that point.

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