Lost in the Movies: TWIN PEAKS CONVERSATIONS #10 w/ TV Peaks author Andreas Halskov (YouTube & extended PATREON)

TWIN PEAKS CONVERSATIONS #10 w/ TV Peaks author Andreas Halskov (YouTube & extended PATREON)

(This cross-post accidentally scheduled last week before I noticed and took it down. It's this coming Monday, tomorrow, May 23, that the video will actually be going up. Sorry for the confusion.)

Up to this point, my Twin Peaks Conversations podcast has featured an equal number of episodes with first-time and repeat guests. The Danish scholar, journalist, critic, and author Andreas Halskov is one of the latter, last interviewed by me six and a half years ago upon the release of his book TV Peaks, a rich, in-depth text about the ways that the original series revolutionized television. Since then, of course, a new season aired (or streamed) and Andreas has many thoughts to share about what did and didn't work for him about that new material. We discuss how he first encountered Twin Peaks as a child, the ways that Lynch's vision expresses itself through formal decisions (and how those decisions differed in 1990 and 2017), and the evolution of film/television discourse in an age when the latter has come to be valued more by many observers. Andreas' responses are thoughtful and (as he himself puts it) digressive, teasing out threads in real time and resulting in some real deep dives into various concepts and experiences. One some occasions, the patron "halves" of these conversation are just a few second longer than the public part but in this case that second part runs almost twice as long, re-visiting some of my favorite topics (the new season's relationship to Fire Walk With Me and where new narratives would/could focus) while introducing new ones. To start off with, Andreas will take us into his experience as a nine-year-old in a Scandinavian factory town, breathing in the distinct air of Twin Peaks for the first time...

PART 1 on YouTube
(premieres at 8pm on Monday, May 23)

And then for $5/month patrons, we will kick off the second part by asking why the third season might "feels different" from the first and second seasons, as well as the film. Andreas, who has created many formally-focused video essays (linked below) alongside his written cinematic studies, has a lot to say on that and other subjects.

Listen to...
(link will be active at 8pm on Monday, May 16)

Andreas' publication 16:9
(his particular work, including videos, gathered here)

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