Lost in the Movies: The Prestige (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #41)

The Prestige (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #41)

In between two Batman blockbusters, Christopher Nolan crafted a Victorian puzzle. The story of dueling magicians dealing with divergent dualities (apologies for the alliteration), The Prestige is not exactly a quiet little indie film; in addition to elaborate period sets and special effects wizardry, it boasts an ensemble including Batman Begins alumni Christian Bale and Michael Caine, plus Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson and even David Bowie as Nikola Tesla. The movie did, however, demonstrate that Nolan wouldn't be completely swallowed up by Hollywood as a director-for-hire, and that he'd find a rare path to producing big projects on a high budget without sacrificing his personal stamp. This commentary on The Prestige was one of the first podcasts I recorded for patrons several years, so it's a bit shorter (and with some hairier audio) than others - however, I've also included some further thoughts on Nolan from my other podcasts, as well as several pieces of feedback questioning Nolan's (potential) plot holes. That exchange has already inspired replies years after the first inquiry, and I'd love to keep it going - so please let me know if you too have any issues with the narrative. This episode kicks off the final stretch of a season focused on a handful of directors, so next month will conclude this miniseries with another Nolan and I'll incorporate any additional feedback then (or, if necessary, later).

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