Lost in the Movies: Status update: The House is Black on Wonders in the Dark, barely keeping up w/ public podcasts, Patreon delay

Status update: The House is Black on Wonders in the Dark, barely keeping up w/ public podcasts, Patreon delay

As June kicks off, I'm offering a quick update on my work that's been shared elsewhere, what's hopefully upcoming, and where I currently stand in my efforts to maintain some semblance of my planned summer schedule (already half-abandoned in the case of the TWIN PEAKS Character Series).

First of all, I've once again shared an older piece from my site on Wonders in the Dark as part of their annual "online film festival" - in this case, on the beautiful docu-poem The House is Black:

For more reading, you can explore the other films discussed as part of my Favorites series, for which this essay was originally written (the list was composed back in 2011, although most of the full reviews weren't composed until 2016). You can also check out my previous contributions to the Wonders festival: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised last year and Son of Man several years before that. And of course, the late Allan Fish's piece on The House is Black is what initially spurred me to see the movie and eventually make it my festival entry this year.

As for my present work, I have a lot on my plate today. Over the past week, social obligations around the holiday, offline work (with unusually long travel times), and the coincidence of several online deadlines have kept me struggling against a headwind to make progress. I'm three days behind schedule on the Patreon reward podcast, no days ahead on my daily Lost in Twin Peaks episode (as has been the case all week), and just a day ahead on the illustrated companion for Parts 3 & 4. In other words: "Not good, BOB!" (to mix TV references). Still, I'm going to try to keep up and eventually get ahead. The fifth anniversary of season three is too good to forgo (especially when it comes to discussion of then-current events in these podcasts) and I just don't feel ready to turn toward an entirely backlog-focused approach. A few more weeks of this may change my tune, though; we'll see.

For now: I have today and the weekend off so I will prioritize today's final episode on Parts 3 & 4, then the illustrated companion for tomorrow, and then the Patreon updates podcast which is already late (discussing what I've been watching, listening to, or working on for the past few months). When those are finally complete, I'll update my directories, figure out some logistics (and possibly do some work) on the next Twin Peaks Conversations episode for June, and begin work on the week of Part 5 episodes for Lost in Twin Peaks, hopefully getting ahead this time to the point where maybe before this weekend is over I can already be preparing that illustrated companion for next weekend. Anyway, in the meantime stay tuned for the publication of my round-up for Parts 3 & 4 episodes tomorrow (hopefully in the morning, but with a "watch this space" notice at 8am if it's not ready yet) and a cross-post for the belated May Patreon podcast, or else May's character series Patreon previews, on Sunday.

Here's to June being the month I finally get ahead on the Lost in Twin Peaks backlog...and maybe even some other projects too.

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