Lost in the Movies: Live From Twin Peaks • discussion w/ the Obnoxious and Anonymous podcast

Live From Twin Peaks • discussion w/ the Obnoxious and Anonymous podcast

A few weeks after we recorded an episode of my own Twin Peaks Conversations podcast, and many years after my last talk with Cameron Cloutier in his "'Twin Peaks' Thought of the The Day" format, we reunited to sift through a variety of topics, including the recent deaths of Twin Peaks legends Lenny Von Dohlen and Julee Cruise, upcoming and wished-for releases of David Lynch films on the Criterion Collection, potentially controversial figurines, an online Peaks conference we'll both be taking part in, and further musings on the unique flavor of Cameron's recent fan film Queen of Hearts. Of course, that's just the main line of questioning; along the way, we dig into the deleted scenes of Lost Highway, Clint Eastwood's directing career, the pedigree of action film villains, analogizing Lynch's production to the Apollo 11 mission, Mary Sweeney's role or non-role in the editing of Inland Empire, the Z to A boxset, the vibes of an avant-garde Blue Velvet documentary, Disney CEO Bob Iger's mangled memories, what a mid-90s sixth season version of Peaks would have looked like, the blurred line between merchandisable entertainment and profound art with disturbing themes, plus much more...including, as always, speculation about the possibilities for a fourth season.

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