Lost in the Movies: Pausing Lost in Twin Peaks again (+ my plans going forward)

Pausing Lost in Twin Peaks again (+ my plans going forward)

Status updates are generally reserved for Fridays but this one (like the last announcement of a Lost in Twin Peaks pause, back in November) couldn't wait. My weekly/daily podcast has been a struggle to maintain all summer, despite working with long-ago previously recorded material. I kept going as long as I did in order to hit the fifth anniversaries of each season three episode but I've finally reached my limit. More details are in the announcement I uploaded to my podcast feed:

This means the pressure is off a bit, but I still have a pace to maintain if I want to resume the podcast this fall and then continue not just to the end of The Return but also through the entirety of the second season (which I skipped over this spring in order to cover Fire Walk With Me for its own big anniversary). I also want to get a grip on my character series, releasing advance entries for patrons and building up some steam so that it can premiere in 2023, as well as experiment with the "Generations" video idea that I discussed recently. All in all, while I'll be shifting my focus toward building a backlog rather than maintaining a public pace, I'll still be pretty busy. As always, you can keep tabs on my progress on various projects here.

By the way, you may have noticed that yesterday I published a belated Patreon round-up for June. That was an accidentally scheduled draft which I've taken down and postponed till next week because two of the character study advances still weren't ready. Another good thing about this change in schedule is that it allows more time to catch up and keep up with patron rewards; thank you all for your patience!

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