Lost in the Movies: What's that noise in Windom's Cabin? (podcast panel)

What's that noise in Windom's Cabin? (podcast panel)

This past Sunday, I participated in "Windom's Cabin," an online conference gathering Twin Peaks-related podcasters, artists, actors - included those from Peaks itself - and other content creators to discuss the show, the film, and its multimedia universe for a paying audience (the proceeds went to several charities selected, I believe, by the organizer Warren Friedrich). Dozens of panels were scheduled throughout the afternoon on topics like the production of the series itself, fan tributes to the work, and more. Although the live aspect of the event is over, the material remains archived and available to those who donate $35 for a ticket here...

My particular panel focused on podcasts and lasted about an hour, during which we discussed our approaches to the subject, the nuts and bolts of the process, and other podcasts that explored the nooks and crannies of Peaks. Alongside myself and Lost in Twin Peaks, the panel featured hosts of an eclectic, idiosyncratic array of shows: Creamed Corn and the Universe, Damn Fine TV, Blue Rose Task Force, Diane..., and The Twin Peaks Tattoo Podcast, as well as the website 25 Years Later.... Several of these individuals and programs I've been engaging with for years; others I was encountering for the first time. It was a great discussion opening up many more avenues to pursue - and that's just one small fragment of the vast web Warren wove on this day. To hear more about this project, you can listen to his recent interview on Cameron Cloutier's recent "'Twin Peaks' Thought of the Day" video.

I myself appeared on Cameron's show for the first time in years a week ago, and earlier this month I was welcomed to the Uncut Gems podcast for a group chat on Fire Walk With Me. So it's been a busy month for guest appearances! It's also going to be a busy weekend coming up for my patrons as I catch up with July rewards like the advance character entries, the monthly podcast, and a Twin Peaks Conversations episode with podcasters whom I mentioned near the end of the "Windom's Cabin" panel. On the flip side, I'm slowing down my public approach as I pause Lost in Twin Peaks till around November (discussed in a rare Monday status update earlier this week in case you missed it). Hopefully this will allow more time to pursue multiple projects in the second half of 2022.

(P.S. In case you're wondering, that all-too-appropriate flute music that interrupted our discussion at one point, courtesy of a Twitter video I was uploading at the time, can be found in context here.)

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